Aethir Earth

Harness the Power of Acceleration with H100 GPUs

AI-focused bare metal offering for premium enterprise use cases

A cloud with a CPU inside of it.

Why Aethir Earth?

Artificial Intelligence cannot effectively scale utilizing centralized public clouds - 45% of enterprises want to invest more in AI NOW

What is Aethir Earth?

Aethir provides flexible models for Bare Metal NVIDIA HGX and DGX Systems – with varying term lengths, quantities, locations, and prepayment options

How Aethir Earth works?

Aethir partners with a network of NVIDIA Cloud Partners, Infrastructure Funds, and other hardware partners to bring cost-effective and significant scale to AI enterprises

In today's world and for future generations, the interaction with technology is undergoing a transformative redefinition

By uniting our efforts, we can address this challenge by powering a decentralized, GPU-driven computing infrastructure

This infrastructure is tailored for dynamic and sophisticated enterprise AI applications. It's a significant and ongoing shift that's reshaping our technological landscape now

of devices

Use some form of AI

of enterprises

Have adopted AI

of executives

Think AI will be become a must for businesses

Discover a world free from hardware limitations

Global Cloud-Based and Bare Metal GPU Computing Infrastructure Simple, Easy, and Secure

Geographic Focus

Live in multiple cities around the world, including emerging markets

Limiting supply chain issues – 6 to 8 week turnaround

Unlocking scale – 1000s of H100 GPUs

Economies of Scale

Pricing lower than the centralized hyperscale public clouds

Flexible term lengths and payment models to drive down hourly price

Premium Service

Built around NVIDIA H100s (H/DGX systems)

Bare Metal reservations coupled with on demand platform

Large storage and network quantities included with GPUs

Ecosystem Support

Close partnerships with NVIDIA, Super Micro, HPE, Foxconn

Open Web3 ecosystem backed by significant token DAO/treasury

Supported by several Infrastructure Funds

Power Up with H100 GPUs

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A cpu chip with blue lights on a dark background.