Aethir 100: With a $100M Sale, Recognizing Our 100+ Global Community Partners
March 22, 2024

Aethir 100: With a $100M Sale, Recognizing Our 100+ Global Community Partners


We want to take a moment to shout out to over 100 community partners! The number of strategic, enterprise and community partners is almost 150 as of this post and it is rapidly growing. With $100M worth of ETH sold (at our ETH snapshot) in 24 hours, Aethir’s node sale is making history.

Aethir’s Checker node sale went above and beyond expectations and became the definition of how a Web 3.0 globally decentralized node sale is supposed to look. 

The key to this massive success is the quality of Aethir's core product: a decentralized physical infrastructure network capable of providing highly scalable GPU power to the rapidly growing AI and machine learning sector, as well as the cloud gaming industry. By utilizing checker nodes responsible for ensuring all of Aethir's GPU Containers provide the best service, Aethir is contributing to Web 3.0 decentralization on a mass scale.

However, the tremendous success of Aethir’s node sale wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our many partners. On this occasion, we sincerely thank all our partners for believing in our vision and supporting us on our journey to revolutionize cloud computing through state-of-the-art decentralized physical infrastructure.

We tried to list all but couldn’t! There’s too many, thus please forgive us. We welcome new and future partners as well. 

Ecosystem Partners:

Launchpads (Major Contributors):

KOLs and KOL Networks (Major Contributors):


Gaming projects:

Key Regional Partners:

And many other contributing partners: 

Again, we couldn’t fit our 100+ partners here, and the list keeps growing by the hour. There are many more initial partners and last-minute additions and we cannot list all. However, we’ve received a lot of messages from teams who want to collaborate and we welcome new strategic partners to work with us! 

We have a simple form for those who want to join our ecosystem. Link

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