Aethir and Magic Eden Are Powering Web 3.0 Gaming
April 30, 2024

Aethir and Magic Eden Are Powering Web 3.0 Gaming


- Aethir and Magic Eden team up to empower Web 3.0 NFT gaming projects

- Aethir will offer GPU power to Magic Eden’s gaming partners

- Magic Eden will become the go-to NFT platform for Aethir’s gaming clients

Aethir is teaming up with Magic Eden, the leading multi-chain NFT platform in the world, to empower Web 3.0 gaming on a massive scale. By joining forces, Aethir and Magic Eden are creating a unified Web 3.0 gaming ecosystem that leverages Aethir’s enterprise-grade GPU infrastructure and Magic Eden’s NFT platform. Magic Eden’s gaming partners will gain access to Aethir’s premium GPU-as-a-service platform. At the same time, Aethir will refer its gaming partners to use Magic Eden as their go-to NFT platform.

The partnership between the two Web 3.0 companies is a glimpse into the future of modern gaming. Blockchain gaming projects depend heavily on NFT core mechanics. In Web 3.0 gaming, NFTs are used to tokenize in-game equipment, objects, gaming avatars, and much more. NFT utility is even more prevalent in metaverse gaming projects, opening a vast range of interactive possibilities for NFT holders. Additionally, blockchain games offer additional perks and benefits to community members holding their NFTs. 

Magic Eden is a highly versatile NFT hub used by projects from various segments of the NFT industry, but gaming projects are a vital element of the marketplace. However, blockchain gaming is becoming highly demanding regarding GPU power. 

With the rapidly growing number and quality of blockchain games, the gaming user base is also increasing. Blockchain gaming needs sufficiently scalable cloud infrastructure to accommodate the rising influx of new games and players.

That is precisely where Aethir’s role in Web 3.0 gaming is to provide the raw GPU resources to power the next generation of blockchain games. By utilizing Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure, Web 3.0 gaming projects can rest assured that their users will have a flawless experience regardless of location. 

This is possible thanks to Aethir’s edge computing infrastructure, which distributes GPU Container resources worldwide. Instead of using a few centralized big-tech data servers, Aethir uses a multitude of distributed cloud servers. Aethir is able to cut the physical distance between gamers and GPU cloud resources, contributing to lower latency. Furthermore, Aethir’s technology pools processing power from idle GPUs and contributes to efficient GPU usage, making top-quality GPU processing more cost-efficient.

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