Aethir and Sequence: Empowering Web3 Game Development
June 11, 2024

Aethir and Sequence: Empowering Web3 Game Development


- Aethir and Sequence are partnering to empower Web3 game developers with decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure and plug-and-play tools for integrating web3.

Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure is a powerful ally of the gaming industry, with our globally distributed fleet of over 2000 NVIDIA H100s and 40,000+ additional top-shelf GPUs. Now, we are partnering with Sequence, the all-in-one Web3 game development platform that provides gaming studios with a comprehensive suite of tools for integrating Web3 features into their gaming projects. Their seamless gaming-grade platform, Sequence Builder, enables developers to onboard, monetize, grow, and retain players.

Sequence offers a wide selection of services that streamline the integration of crucial Web3 blockchain features within the gaming industry. This empowers developers to include functionalities such as invisible web3 wallets and player accounts, launching digital collections and in-game marketplaces, transaction batching and gas sponsorship, blockchain data, node services, and player analytics and inspires them to create groundbreaking gaming experiences. With Sequence’s popular Unreal Engine, Unity, and mobile SDKs, game developers have a world of content creation and possibilities at their fingertips.

In the rapidly evolving gaming landscape, Web3 integrations are on the rise. Players increasingly demand NFTs, tokenized in-game items, and crypto tokens as integral parts of their gaming experience. Web3 gaming studios can handle the entire process of integrating, minting, and distributing in-game items and rewards through Sequence’s infrastructure. Sequence's solutions are essential for upcoming Web3 games and also for Web2 gaming studios looking to transition into Web3. Aethir’s partnership with Sequence plays a crucial role in this transition, providing a reliable and efficient solution. Our globally distributed GPU cloud is designed to empower the next generation of cloud computing and Web3 gaming by providing a streamlined flow of raw GPU power to gaming enterprises worldwide.

Cloud gaming is becoming more hardware-demanding, with Web3 integrations and innovations considerably raising the bar regarding GPU power consumption. Aethir’s GPU infrastructure is globally distributed, allowing our gaming partners to efficiently service their end-users, regardless of physical locations. An ample supply of highly scalable GPU resources is especially important for Web3 game developers looking to launch massive gaming experiences for millions of gamers worldwide.

Unlike centralized GPU clouds, which concentrate computing resources in a few large-scale data centers, Aethir fosters a decentralized cloud infrastructure approach. Our vast GPU network is located in a multitude of locations across the globe, thus allowing us to match clients with the closest available GPU Containers in Aethir’s ecosystem. By doing so, we are shortening the time it takes for GPU power to reach our end users, which means we are minimizing latency. For partners like Sequence, having access to a dynamically scalable and lag-free GPU power supply is essential. Both for game developers and gamers, latency and scalability can be a complex issue. Aethir tackles both in a very successful manner by constantly working to expand our decentralized cloud computing network, thus anticipating the mass future growth of the gaming industry in terms of hardware requirements and growing player bases alike. 

"Sequence's mission has always been to empower developers, using web3, to onboard, monetize, and retain users, and cloud is a vital part of that,” said Sam Barberie, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Sequence. “The combination of Sequence's web3 dev platform and Aethir's decentralized GPU network offers new distribution routes and accessibility for web3 games and paves the way for communities to own their games, ensuring continued utility for their in-game assets indefinitely."

Thanks to Aethir’s DePIN stack, gaming studios building with Sequence can easily reach a portion of the 2.8 billion gamers with low-end devices but reasonable internet connectivity worldwide. Together, Aethir and Sequence are leveling up the Web3 gaming industry.

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