Aethir and SuperScale: Innovating Instant Play Cloud Gaming
July 3, 2024

Aethir and SuperScale: Innovating Instant Play Cloud Gaming


Aethir's journey to support cutting-edge gaming innovations has led us to partner with SuperScale, a specialist tech company that exists to drive success for mobile games. SuperScale's core expertise is user acquisition (UA) for mobile gaming titles, including AAA games. SuperInsights, their purpose-built analytics engine for predicting the precise actions that will drive commercial success for gaming titles, is at the core of their business model. Now, Aethir is supporting SuperScale's mission with our decentralized cloud infrastructure that enables gaming enterprises to launch instant-play cloud gaming experiences.

SuperScale specializes in providing gaming studios with various highly effective monetization and user acquisition solutions to maximize their revenue. They work with game developers from game concept to launch and scaling to maximize the reach and market performance of new mobile gaming titles. 

Through our collaborative effort, Aethir and SuperScale are creating an instant play cloud gaming solution that allows potential players to immediately try out a game after viewing an online ad for that specific title. This innovative service eliminates the need for complex download processes or any hardware requirements on the player's side. All of the game rendering and GPU processing is done through Aethir's DePIN stack, with the help of our 80,000 top-shelf GPUs, capable of powering even the most demanding cloud gaming projects. We're making gaming more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. 

By providing players with an instant play cloud gaming service, Aethir, and SuperScale are creating a streamlined onboarding funnel for mobile games. The goal is to enable gamers to try out new gaming titles immediately after seeing gaming ads instead of directing them toward third-party platforms where they need to provide extensive data, pass through verification procedures, and more before they can play a game. This approach considerably simplifies the user acquisition process for mobile games. 

When discovering new games, players often give up when they see how much hard disc space a specific title requires, even though the game might be extremely enjoyable. The hardware barrier simply prevents gamers from even trying the game. Also, traditional cloud gaming services come with time-consuming sign-up procedures. SuperScale aims to provide streamlined instant gaming services for gaming studios. To do that, they are leveraging Aethir's DePIN stack.  

Thanks to our globally distributed network of GPU containers, our decentralized GPU cloud is an ideal solution for instant-play cloud gaming. With the help of decentralized network architecture, Aethir can provide lag-free, ultra-low latency, and highly scalable cloud gaming experiences to players worldwide. Our GPU-as-a-service network is a game-changer compared to centralized cloud computing providers because it leverages edge computing technology that allows us to reach cloud gamers all across the globe efficiently. As a reminder, centralized cloud providers concentrate their hardware resources in large-scale data centers, which makes it challenging to reach millions of gamers located far away from these server locations. For Aethir, this isn't a challenge, and our 91,000+ Checker Nodes are constantly ensuring that the Aethir GPU Containers are delivering optimal performance to our enterprise gaming clients.

Our partnership with SuperScale will help usher in a new gaming era in which instant play cloud gaming will become the new norm for rapid user acquisition.

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