Aethir and Xsolla: Enhancing Global Cloud Gaming
June 27, 2024

Aethir and Xsolla: Enhancing Global Cloud Gaming


Accessibility is a critical aspect of modern cloud gaming. Centralized cloud service providers can’t keep up with the rapidly growing cloud gaming sector and have difficulties reaching players at the network’s edge, especially in developing regions. To address this issue, Aethir and Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, are collaborating to provide gamers with flawless cloud gaming experiences, regardless of location, at competitive prices. Aethir and Xsolla are showcasing an innovative combination of Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) cloud gaming and decentralized GPU cloud computing infrastructure together at Gamescom Latam. Aethir, which operates the world’s largest decentralized GPU network infrastructure is a key partner of Xsolla’s cloud gaming platform, providing it with highly scalable cloud computing power, which enables game publishers to expand their reach in a cost-efficient way. 

Xsolla Cloud Gaming allows developers to deliver high-quality PC and mobile gaming experiences to players remotely from the cloud in a browser, using the PAYG monetization model and cloud vendors’ aggregation. This is a white-labeled solution that can be distributed via Xsolla Mall, an online game destination, and on the developer's website. The key benefit of this collaboration is that it offers a seamless gaming experience without compromising on monetization.

By leveraging Aethir's largest decentralized GPU network infrastructure, Xsolla can offer gaming studios an option for a highly efficient, low-cost cloud gaming monetization solution for their gaming titles. With Xsolla's PAYG solution, gamers don't need to pay for more than they play. This unique model is a game-changer, allowing gaming studios to access more users since they aren't imposing hefty monthly service fees or expensive one-off payments like many gaming platforms. Instead, Xsolla's clients provide a user-friendly, cost-efficient alternative with their PAYG model.

Xsolla supports various solutions for gaming payments worldwide to accommodate gamers in any region. Their solutions can make AAA titles accessible in 200+ geographies with instant, compliant access to 700+ payment methods and 130+ currencies. Using Xsolla's payment solutions, user checkout processes are simplified and equipped with an intuitive, multi-platform UI compatible with mobile wallets. Besides their PAYG solution, Xsolla provides various additional solutions for gaming studios, including the Xsolla Web Shop, Xsolla Launcher, Xsolla Mall, and other game distribution and sales solutions. 

Now, with the help of Aethir's DePIN stack, Xsolla is pushing the boundaries of Pay-as-you-go mechanics to new highs. Our distributed cloud computing network has over 80,000 top-shelf GPUs capable of powering even the most demanding gaming clients like Xsolla. Aethir's cloud computing infrastructure is decentralized and distributed globally, allowing us to reach end-users in remote regions efficiently. This is especially important given that there are 1.2 billion gamers with low-end hardware in developing regions. Aethir's infrastructure can empower these gamers to play AAA titles remotely on their PC and mobile devices, with a stable internet connection while Aethir's GPUs do the heavy lifting.

Together, Aethir and Xsolla are creating a vibrant gaming economy that leverages enterprise-grade distributed cloud computing and PAYG mechanics for the future of online gaming.

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