Aethir Cloud Drop: An Airdrop for the Community
June 5, 2024

Aethir Cloud Drop: An Airdrop for the Community


In the highly anticipated development leading up to our mainnet launch, we are excited to unveil the details of the Aethir Airdrop program. This initiative aims to reward early supporters and contribute to the growth and decentralization of the Aethir ecosystem.

The Aethir Cloud Drop campaign ended on 29 May after a fantastic 35-day marathon of unprecedented community participation and engagement. Our airdrop campaign surpassed 860,000 participants and 670,000 campaign badges claimed. 

Aethir Cloud Drop's innovative airdrop campaign allowed us to reach our Checker Node license holders, Aethir OGs, and numerous active Web3 communities. Campaign participants had the opportunity to secure an allocation of the upcoming ATH by earning different Aethir Cloud Drop badges that signify specific accomplishments and community participation.

We sincerely appreciate the support of our Aethir Checker Node owners and Aethir OGs, who will receive their well-deserved ATH allocations. The Aethir Cloud Drop Galxe and Layer3 quest participants, who successfully met the badge requirements, have also secured an ATH airdrop. Furthermore, we recognize the efforts of all Aethir Cloud Drop participants, who had the opportunity to increase their airdrop allocations through referrals and climb the Aethir Cloud Drop leaderboard. The top participants are in for a special bonus.

In addition to our loyal Aethirians and quest participants, Aethir Cloud Drop included some of the most active communities contributing to Web3 innovation and decentralization. Throughout the campaign, we've introduced multiple Aethir Cloud Drop badges to onboard additional communities and enable their members to receive a portion of our ATH supply. 

6% of Total ATH Supply for Airdrop

Aethir has reserved a significant amount of ATH for the community. ATH’s total supply will be 42B ATH, of which 2.52B (6%) have been reserved for airdrop rewards. 

Aethir’s airdrop campaign will be divided into three seasons. Season 1(Aethir Cloud Drop) ended on 29 May. 

The breakdown of airdrop season rewards will be as follows:

- Season 1: 630,000,000 ATH

- Season 2: 630,000,000 ATH

- Season 3: 1,260,000,000 ATH

Aethir Cloud Drop participants are included in the Season 1 Airdrop, with 74.5% of Season 1 rewards being reserved for Aethir community members (including Checker Nodes) and 25.5% being allocated to external communities. 

The multi-season airdrop is meant to allow rewards to be sustainably distributed to long-term participants of the Aethir ecosystem since Aethir mainnet is launching in early Q3 2024. With Seasons 2 and 3, rewards are reserved for those who participate actively in Aethir’s mainnet activities, including staking ATH, actively delegating Checker Node licenses to contribute to the network’s daily operations, and holding the initial reward amounts. 

Season 2 will commence approximately 8 months later. Aethir Airdrop Season 2 will be designed to reward all community members who stayed involved in the Aethir ecosystem beyond Aethir Cloud Drop and our token generation event. These community members are the life force of Aethir and will be rewarded generously in Seasons 2 and 3.

Finally, in 16 months, we’ll kick off Aethir Airdrop Season 3 for our most loyal community members who proved their dedication to Aethir’s vision of a massive decentralized cloud computing ecosystem for AI and gaming. Season 3 will bring the largest ATH rewards to participants, totaling 3% of the ATH supply, compared to Season 1 and Season 2, which carry 1.5% of the ATH supply each.

Our decision to divide the Aethir airdrop into three seasons is a result of our dedication to building a globally distributed GPU cloud computing infrastructure for the long run. Aethir is here to stay, and our community is an integral part of our decentralized cloud infrastructure, which is why we’re reserving the majority of the 6% airdrop token allocation for Season 2 and Season 3. We want to incentivize the Aethir community to participate in the Aethir ecosystem long-term, thus earning higher rewards with each subsequent airdrop season.

Furthermore, another 50% of the total ATH supply is reserved for the Aethir community, broken down into 15% for Aethir Checker Node rewards and another 35% for Aethir cloud computing Container operators (23% for Edge compute providers and 12% for enterprise compute providers). In total, that’s 56% of our 42B token supply dedicated to the community. 

In addition to our own ATH drop to our community, Aethir is working with many partners to airdrop additional value to our community. Aethir Checker Node owners will always have a special spot in the Aethir ecosystem. That’s why we’ve secured many ecosystem airdrops from our partners for Aethir Checker Node holders. Our partners, including APhone,, CARV, Rivalz Network, Zero1 Labs, and Delabs Games are all conducting airdrops to Aethir node holders, as well as additional emissions for stakers. In fact, APhone’s airdrop to the Aethir community is already live, and node holders can claim it here. That’s just the beginning. 


Various anti-Sybil parameters, including cluster analysis, were applied during the reward allocation process to ensure that the system was not manipulated. Wallets funded from the same source, addresses with similar activity, and addresses without transactions on major EVM chains were considered Sybils and eliminated.

Our airdrop design team at Absinthe further helped identify additional Sybil addresses through Absinthe Protect, which took a look at clustering to increase the fairness of the airdrop. This novel technology leverages advanced data analytics and machine learning techniques to enhance the integrity of the airdrop distribution.

Aethir Cloud Drop Claiming 

The Aethir Cloud Drop claiming process will be conducted through our dedicated claiming platform on 12 June. On this date, all Aethir Cloud Drop participants will be able to claim their ATH allocations through the designated link, which we’ll publish on our official social media channels and website.

Airdrop participants will need to provide the wallet addresses with which they participated in the Aethir Cloud Drop campaign to claim their dedicated ATH allocations.

Beyond the Airdrop: ATH Staking

Along with the airdrop claims on 12 June, we will introduce the Aethir staking feature, allowing ATH holders to stake their ATH and start earning staking rewards. Once they claim their ATH, Aethir Cloud Drop participants will be able to stake their ATH airdrop allocations immediately. 

Through ATH staking, our community members gain another additional way to participate in the Aethir ecosystem and maximize their benefits by supporting the largest GPU DePIN stack in the world. Not only will ATH stakers earn rewards in our native token, but they’ll also be able to earn additional rewards provided by our many ecosystem partners and be rewarded in our Season 2 and 3 airdrops.  

Further details on Aethir’s staking platform and operating mechanics will be announced at the start of the airdrop claiming procedure.

Finally, make sure to only click on official Aethir links and stay safe from scammers. 

Checker Nodes and Edge GPU Compute Coming Online 

In addition to staking, there are other major items coming online!

Our 22,000+ Checker Node license holders, who purchased over 75,000 Checker Nodes, can finally set up and run their nodes, thus earning 15% of the total ATH supply during the next four years. Checker Nodes are a vital component of the Aethir DePIN stack since they ensure the optimal service quality of Aethir GPU Containers. The Checker Nodes maintain the network's stability, security, and quality of service. By distributing 75,000 Checker Nodes to the community, we've fully decentralized Aethir's GPU cloud.

Furthermore, after our TGE, owners of Aethir Edge will also be able to power up their devices and start contributing to the Aethir DePIN stack. By operating an Aethir Edge device, users can contribute this GPU closer to compute demands geographically and earn ATH as a reward. 

Aethir's airdrop and token generation event is the start of the next phase of our journey to revolutionize DePIN with the world's largest distributed GPU cloud ecosystem.

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