Aethir Cloud Drop Is Here: Don't Miss Out!
April 25, 2024

Aethir Cloud Drop Is Here: Don't Miss Out!


- Aethir’s airdrop campaign starts today.

- Join the Aethir Cloud Drop campaign through our dedicated airdrop portal.

One of the most frequent questions we have received on our social and community channels since Aethir's Checker Node sale kicked off in late March is, "WEN token?" 

With great pleasure, today we are announcing the launch of Aethir Cloud Drop, our airdrop campaign leading up to the $ATH token generation event. Aethir has decided to distribute a portion of the upcoming $ATH token supply to the community through a massive airdrop campaign.

Aethir Cloud Drop is live, and we aim to reward the most dedicated community members who have been with us from the start. We will also be airdropping tokens to various Web 3.0 communities dedicated to decentralization and innovation in the blockchain industry, with a particular focus on gaming and AI.

Historically, token airdrops have proven to be the best way to directly engage Web 3.0 communities and showcase true dedication to a decentralized future. To do this, Aethir is rewarding a broad range of community groups and dedicated Aethirians with $ATH tokens, which will be the life fuel of Aethir's ecosystem.

Wen Airdrop?

Aethir Cloud Drop starts today, 25 April, and will last until 12 May. The airdrop campaign will take place on the Aethir Cloud Drop platform, which allows users to join the campaign through a badge-based quest system for completing quests.

After the campaign ends, eligible users will receive their $ATH token allocations at a later date, which will coincide with the Aethir token generation event.

Aethir Cloud Drop is the final stretch of Aethir's pre-TGE journey. This is the last chance to join the world's largest decentralized GPU cloud ecosystem before it takes off and earn a portion of the $ATH token airdrop. 

Aethir Cloud Drop Mechanics and Eligibility

For Aethir Cloud Drop participants, we have created an easy-to-use airdrop portal that offers a streamlined airdrop campaign experience. We want our community members to have smooth access to Aethir Cloud Drop and a single location where they can monitor their campaign progress.

The Aethir Cloud Drop platform classifies users on a badge-based system that gives out quest accomplishment badges to users. Badges can be earned through activities such as purchasing Aethir Checker nodes, engaging on social media, participating in quizzes, referring friends, and being part of specific NFT/token communities. Once users connect their crypto wallets to the Aethir Cloud Drop platform, they will automatically receive badges based on their on-chain eligibility. There's no initial badge claiming necessary on the user side. 

Users can earn additional badges by completing quests and tasks on the platform. A portion of the quests will be available through the airdrop platform's integration with Galxe and Layer3 Aethir Cloud Drop quests. The tasks are closely tied to Aethir's ecosystem, and their completion shows user dedication to our vision, which will be rewarded after the campaign ends. Also, the top 10 quest winners are in for a considerable airdrop bonus.

Extra badges are reserved for members of specific Web 3.0 communities. These include Aethir OGs, AI Arena, WolvesDAO, Parallel Avatars, and other communities yet to be announced. 

Aethir Node owners are eligible for special airdrop rewards as core contributors to our ecosystem and early adopters of Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure.

Join the Aethir Cloud Drop Now

The Aethir Cloud Drop campaign is open to everyone who wishes to participate. By completing quests on the Aethir Cloud Drop platform, users can secure a portion of the $ATH airdrop through simple tasks.

In line with industry best practices for airdrops, Aethir will conduct Sybil checks against questor's wallets to ensure a fair airdrop distribution among the community. Please take note of this when deciding which wallet to use for Aethir Cloud Drop campaign quests. The Sybil checks will be performed using cluster analysis to locate wallets that have the same source of funding, similar activity, and funds transferred in a cluster of more than 20 addresses. Aethir will perform two rounds of Sybil checks. The first half of $ATH tokens will be distributed to the wallets that passed our initial Sybil check, while the second half will be distributed after another round of Sybil checks.

Join the Aethir Cloud Drop campaign here to participate in shaping the next stage of DePIN innovation. 

Participants will be able to claim their airdrop allocations at a later date after the campaign ends.

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