Aethir Cloud Drop Round 2 Is Here!
May 9, 2024

Aethir Cloud Drop Round 2 Is Here!


The Aethir Cloud Drop campaign started two weeks ago, on 26 April 2024, and it already has more than 380,000 participants. Like the Aethir Checker Node sale, Aethir Cloud Drop is another major success for the Aethir community, but it's far from over. Today, we announce Round 2 of the campaign, which will include the introduction of Aethir Cloud Drop badges for several additional Web 3.0 communities during the following days. 

We promised to include additional communities in the campaign, and as always, we are delivering on our promises. Community is king in Web 3.0, and Aethir Cloud Drop is all about decentralizing the upcoming ATH token as much as possible among dedicated communities. 

Now, we are including some of the most esteemed and active NFT communities in the Aethir Cloud Drop campaign. Furthermore, we’ll introduce badges for several additional communities from the DePIN and AI sectors, along with some special treats for memecoin enthusiasts. 

As the Aethir Cloud Drop campaign propels us towards the ATH token generation event, our airdrop campaign presents a golden opportunity. It's not just about becoming an early ATH token holder. It's about securing your future in the Aethir community. 

Airdrop participants can also increase their Aethir Cloud Drop ranking through referrals. Every time someone logs into the airdrop platform for the first time with your referral code, it will count as a successful referral for you and help you climb the campaign leaderboard.

To stay informed about the latest badge additions to Aethir Cloud Drop, follow our X account regularly and check the official Aethir Cloud Drop platform to determine your eligibility for new airdrop badges.

Join Aethir Cloud Drop now and secure your portion of ATH while you can!

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