Aethir EcoDrop: New Benefits for Aethir Nodes
June 13, 2024

Aethir EcoDrop: New Benefits for Aethir Nodes


Aethir’s Mainnet, along with our ATH utility token, was launched yesterday, and today, June 13, we already have a bunch of new surprises for the Aethir community. We announced two weeks ago that six of our exclusive ecosystem partners are conducting airdrops to Aethir Checker Node holders. The community was delighted by the news, but we’ve also said it was just the beginning of various ecosystem benefits and surprises awaiting Checker Node holders. Aethir EcoDrop isn’t a one-off event. It’s going to be a regular occurrence of massive benefits for our community from across the Aethir ecosystem. 

We are staying true to our word and announcing additional new airdrops and benefits from the 100+ partner-strong Aethir ecosystem. Our partners from across the AI, DePIN, and gaming sectors recognize the importance of Aethir's decentralized GPU cloud vision for the future of Web3. We constantly strive to onboard new, impactful, and meaningful partners to establish mutually beneficial relationships that empower the next generation of AI and gaming platforms with top-notch cloud computing resources. 

Aethir’s partners know that the Aethir community is a crucial driver of the Aethir DePIN stack, which runs on over 75,000 Checker Nodes distributed to more than 22,000 community members. By introducing unique benefits for Aethir Checker Nodes, our partners are rewarding the moving force behind the largest GPU DePIN in the world.

Who Is Rewarding Aethir Checker Node Holders?

In this round of Aethir EcoDrop, we have an exciting selection of six ecosystem partners across the AI and gaming industries, including Cookie3, Deverse World, Hybrid, Moemate, PlayFi, and ZKcandy.

Cookie3 is the first open MarketingFi economy shared between users, creators, and businesses. MarketingFi, pioneered by Cookie3, reshapes Web3 marketing through a decentralized framework. Departing from traditional platforms, it emphasizes an ownership-based economy, data-driven decisions, and equitable token-based value distribution. Cookie3 leverages AI and blockchain technology to retain and redistribute marketing budgets to users who provide value and quality across projects and ecosystems.

Deverse World is a multichain Web3 game that combines real-time strategy, shooter, and adventure elements. Players construct their bases on procedural generative floating islands and defend against other players. In Deverse World, players can build a base on their isle, a stronghold with turrets, mines, traps, and more, to protect the most critical object keeping the whole isle together—The Core. 

Hybrid has crafted a solution that simplifies the integration of AI with blockchain by utilizing a Mixture of Experts (MoE) framework within an Ethereum-based Layer 2 blockchain. This enables developers and businesses to create and manage AI models and decentralized applications easily. Hybrid is the on-chain intelligence layer for AI development. With Hybrid, developers have a framework for easy creation and monetization of AI agents in a plug-and-play approach.

Moemate is a highly versatile and cross-functional AI platform that allows users to launch AI Agents across computer devices, mobile phones, and various apps such as Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more. Furthermore, Moemate AI Agents can join users in real life through extended reality (XR) setups. Moemate is like the Fiver of AI Agents, allowing users to deploy custom-made AI Agents quickly and tweak them according to their needs.

PlayFi unites AI and gaming through an innovative decentralized AI and data platform, bringing Web3 features to the world's most popular games. It connects Web3 to mass-market gaming using a cutting-edge zkEVM hyperchain, AI-powered data optimization, and a decentralized storage network. 

ZKCandy created a cutting-edge L2 ZK chain, redefining the gaming landscape. ZKcandy combines ZKsync’s zk-rollup technology with iCandy's innovative gaming solutions, offering a decentralized, high-performance platform for immersive gaming experiences. Their L2 ZK chain for gaming and memes ensures secure, scalable, and cost-effective transactions, fostering a vibrant gaming ecosystem. iCandy Interactive, the team behind ZKcandy is the largest game developer in SEA and Oceania.

Powering Web3 Innovation With Aethir’s Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure

Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure is built to help AI and gaming enterprises scale globally by leveraging our versatile supply of over 2000 NVIDIA H100s and more than 40,000 additional top-grade GPUs. The Aethir DePIN stack is distributed across a multitude of regions to support enterprise clients with lag-free, highly scalable GPU resources.

Our partners can always rest assured that their innovative projects and platforms have ample access to the GPU power they need to launch revolutionary AI and gaming applications.

Cookie3’s use of the Aethir decentralized GPU cloud to power its innovative MarketingFi shows how the Aethir DePIN stack can support groundbreaking solutions for marketing. The MarketingFi solution championed by Cookie3 leverages AI functionalities to conduct complex operations and optimize marketing budgets on a multitude of projects simultaneously. Similarly, PlayFi uses Aethir’s infrastructure to jumpstart gaming innovation with AI functionalities, empowering Web2 games to transition to Web3 and introduce blockchain-based features.

Deverse World is a prime example of the Web3 gaming innovations of tomorrow, which require an immense supply of raw GPU power to provide gamers worldwide with a flawless cloud gaming experience. With Aethir's GPU supply, Deverse World’s players can have a streamlined, plug-and-play experience that only requires a stable internet connection while our GPUs do the heavy lifting. 

Aethir’s DePIN stack is powering some of the most impactful AI innovations on the market. Moemate is a key player in the AI Agents sector, with their versatile AI Agent training platform running on Aethir’s infrastructure. 

Hybrid’s Mixture of Experts framework is a game changer for AI developers because it simplifies enterprise AI integration processes. However, Hybrid needs Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure to efficiently scale and expand its services to facilitate AI development at scale.

By joining forces with Aethir, ZKcandy is gaining access to the largest decentralized GPU cloud on the market, which will empower this innovative L2 gaming hyperchain to deliver revolutionary developments in the field of Web3 gaming.

Ecosystem Partner Benefits for Aethir Checker Node Holders

With the launch of ATH and our mainnet, the Aethir ecosystem has become fully operational. Our Checker Node network is now online, and node holders can earn Checker rewards for contributing to the Aethir network. However, that’s far from everything because our ecosystem partners continue showing appreciation and support for our valued node holders by providing them with unique benefits. 

All of our AI and gaming partners listed in this article will conduct exclusive airdrops to Aethir Checker Node holders.

Moemate, PlayFi, Hybrid, Cookie3, and ZKcandy will airdrop their tokens to Aethir node holders, while Deverse World will go an additional step further and also provide staking rewards in their native tokens to ATH stakers. As a reminder, ATH staking provides users with a super-staking product that brings ATH rewards and additional rewards in our AI and gaming partners’ native tokens.

For all news and details regarding our ecosystem partner airdrops, make sure to follow our website, social media, and community channels. And remember, with Aethir, added benefits for our Checker Node holders always keep coming, so stay tuned for more surprises.

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