Aethir Is Powering APhone: The First Web3 Cloud Phone
June 14, 2024

Aethir Is Powering APhone: The First Web3 Cloud Phone


Aethir is building the world's largest decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure, capable of powering the most demanding AI, machine learning, and gaming platforms. By leveraging decentralized operating mechanics, with a vast network of over 2000 NVIDIA H100s and 40,000+ additional top-shelf GPUs, Aethir can handle any cloud computing workload. 

APhone is an excellent example of Aethir's real-world utility in action. Our network of GPU resources is distributed globally, enabling Aethir to efficiently service enterprise clients and their end users regardless of physical location or the number of platform users. As a key Aethir ecosystem partner, APhone has access to all the benefits of the Aethir DePIN stack, which empowers it to provide innovative Web3 cloud phone services with exponential growth in mind.  

Thanks to Aethir's cloud computing infrastructure, APhone's users can rest assured that their device-agnostic cloud phones will work smoothly wherever they are on any device.

APhone: A Device-Agnostic Web3 Cloud Phone

APhone, the first Web3 cloud phone on the market, has over 45,928 users worldwide. It's a device-agnostic solution that can turn any smartphone, laptop, or PC into a blockchain-powered cloud phone built on Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure. 

Unlike everyday, classic smartphones, APhone is a Web3 product that isn't confined to a single physical device. By leveraging Aethir's decentralized cloud tech, APhone provides users with a secure and versatile Web3 experience that traverses the geographical boundaries of telecommunication service providers. APhone is much more than a phone. It gives users seamless access to decentralized apps (dApps) and has an upcoming integrated Web3 app store, AppNest, that lets users easily browse and choose the apps they wish to add to their APhones.

Traditional smartphones are highly limited by their RAM, CPU, and GPU capacities, but this isn't the case with APhone. Although users need a physical device to access APhone, all of the computing-heavy features are facilitated by Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure. Users don't need to worry about hardware limitations because APhone pools computing resources from Aethir's network.

Data privacy is a critical issue today since large amounts of personal data are handled by big-tech companies. These companies rely on centralized data storage, prone to hacks and safety breaches. APhone, on the other hand, provides secure data storage and top-notch privacy because it depends on Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure. The Aethir DePIN stack leverages a network of over 40,000 top-shelf GPUs, as well as 7000 Aethir Edge cloud computing devices, to provide latency-free and highly scalable computing power. This eliminates the issue of single points of failure commonly associated with centralized servers.

Aethir: The Power Source Behind APhone

So how exactly does Aethir power APhone?

All of the complex data processing and computing required by APhone is done on the cloud instead of the user's device. This means APhone uses remote cloud computing to facilitate everyday app usage. Aethir provides the physical infrastructure for all of APhone's cloud computing needs. When users are utilizing their APhone accounts, Aethir handles the GPU heavy lifting by providing raw computing power through our GPU Containers, which include Aethir Edge devices and our vast network of GPUs.

Unlike centralized cloud computing services that concentrate hardware in a few big data centers, Aethir's infrastructure is decentralized across numerous server locations. This enables Aethir to provide efficient, lag-free, and scalable computing power to APhone's users without geographical limitations. 

APhone is successfully servicing nearly 46,000 users worldwide as the first-ever Web3 cloud phone. This makes APhone a great example of how Aethir's DePIN stack can power highly innovative Web3 projects that are transforming users' everyday lives with groundbreaking features.

Aethir and APhone Airdrops 

As part of our close partnership, Aethir, and APhone are giving back to their communities with exclusive airdrops for their loyalty and dedication.

APhone joined the Aethir Cloud Drop campaign, which means we are airdropping a portion of ATH to the APhone community. For the ATH token airdrop to the APhone community, APhone's users just need to connect the EVM wallets they binded to their Solana wallets in APhone to our official airdrop portal to claim their ATH airdrop allocation.

Likewise, APhone airdropped their Annual Pass NFTs to all Aethir Checker Node holders. The APhone to Aethir airdrop is also live, and Aethir Checker Node holders can claim their Annual Pass by connecting their wallets here

The airdrops are a testament to Aethir and APhone's firm partnership and dedication to providing innovative Web3 solutions to users worldwide. Aethir believes in democratizing access to top-quality cloud computing, while APhone is set on revolutionizing the concept of mobile phones with its device-agnostic Web3 cloud phone.

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