Aethir Node Sale: $65M Sold So Far
March 20, 2024

Aethir Node Sale: $65M Sold So Far


Only one hour has passed since the start of Aethir's node public sale, and the community has spoken. The numbers are already staggering: over 20,000 ETH in sales. 

As of now, over 8900 wallet participants have bought 50,000 checker nodes licenses worth over $65 million USD. 

The high number of purchases during the first hour of the public sale is a clear testament to the community's faith in Aethir's innovative, decentralized approach to cloud computing. Node operators stand to earn rewards for helping to run the decentralized infrastructure. 

By joining the Aethir ecosystem, node operators are participating in the next evolutionary step of cloud computing: evolving from centralized to fully decentralized network infrastructure. Aethir's node operators are key players in facilitating lag-free processing power from powerful GPU containers to enterprise clients in the AI, machine learning, and gaming industries.

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