Aethir’s Mainnet Launch: Claim & Stake ATH
June 12, 2024

Aethir’s Mainnet Launch: Claim & Stake ATH


The Aethir mainnet launch is here, and ATH is live. Today marks a key milestone not only for Aethir's development but also for the whole DePIN sector, with a particular focus on GPU cloud computing. Aethir, the only enterprise-grade GPU-as-a-service DePIN in the world, has finally launched its ATH utility token. By doing so, we are opening up a suite of possibilities and growth opportunities for the Aethir community and our network of over 100 partners in the AI and gaming industries.

Today, we celebrate the culmination of three years of relentless effort, transforming Aethir from a mere whitepaper concept into the world's leading decentralized GPU cloud computing network. 

As we embark on the next stage of our journey to democratize access to top-quality cloud computing, ATH will be the moving force of the Aethir decentralized cloud infrastructure. 

Aethir Airdrop Claims

Claims Link:

Aethir Cloud Drop is the first season of the Aethir Airdrop, which has been a resounding success, attracting over 860,000 participants. This season, the Aethir Airdrop is set to reward not only the Aethir community, including our Checker Node holders and Aethir OGs but also all the other Web3 communities that took part in the Aethir Cloud Drop campaign.

A total of 6% of the ATH supply is reserved for airdrop rewards, while Aethir Cloud Drop participants (Season 1) will earn 630,000,000 ATH (1.5%) of the total 42b ATH supply as airdrop campaign rewards. The fact that we are reserving 6% of the ATH supply for airdrop rewards is a testament to our dedication to Web3 decentralization and the community. That's why our loyal community members are in for three seasons of airdrop rewards instead of just distributing everything in one go. We want to encourage the Aethir community to stay active and contribute to the Aethir DePIN stack as Checker Node holders, Aethir Edge operators, ATH stakers, hodlers, and more. 

From today, 12 June, 9:30 am UTC, all Aethir Checker Node holders and other Aethir Cloud Drop participants can claim their ATH Airdrop Season 1 rewards here.  

To claim their ATH allocations, eligible users just input their address to check if eligible. And if so, users can claim the airdrop.

ATH Token Contract (ERC-20, Ethereum): 


ATH Interchain Token Contract (ERC-20, Arbitrum): 0xc87B37a581ec3257B734886d9d3a581F5A9d056c

Please double-check any links before clicking on them to ensure the URL is the same as the official airdrop claims link. Only use official Aethir links from our website, X profile, and Discord channel. Also, no one from Aethir will ever contact you directly or send you any alleged links for airdrop claims. 

ATH Staking Is Live

Staking link:

So what after claiming your ATH airdrop allocation? 

Our advice is simple: Stake

Together with the ATH token generation event and Aethir Mainnet, we are also launching ATH staking. By introducing ATH staking, we are providing the community with a new, additional option to participate in the Aethir DePIN stack and contribute to its daily operations. Staking ATH is a simple, user-friendly way to contribute to the overall stability and liquidity of the Aethir network. Just as our Checker Node holders and Aethir Edge operators will earn ATH rewards for their roles as Checkers and Containers, ATH stakers will also earn rewards for their work.

ATH staking offers a high degree of flexibility. Users can choose whether they want to stake their ATH without any lock-up period and be able to withdraw their ATH at any time, or they can lock up the staked ATH for a specific period to increase their ATH rewards. Staking rewards are distributed weekly, and the amount users stand to receive from the rewards pool depends on their lock period, and lock amount in proportion to the total ATH locked in the staking pool. 

Users can lock up their ATH for up to four years. If locked up, users can't withdraw the staked ATH before the lock-up period expires. Longer lock-up periods bring considerably higher staking rewards, but users can't utilize the staked ATH during that period. However, users can deposit additional ATH into their locked staking balance and extend the lock-up period to increase their staking rewards.

ATH is based on Ethereum Mainnet, while Aethir Checker Node and Aethir Edge rewards will be distributed on Arbitrum. To stake Checker Node and Aethir Edge rewards, users must bridge their ATH from Arbitrum to Ethereum Mainnet. 

Users who claim their rewards and stake ATH will be rewarded in Cloud Drop Seasons 2 and 3. 

All rewards (ATH staking rewards, additional staking rewards from our partners, Aethir Cloud Drop Season 2 and 3 rewards) will be weighted based on the amount of time-locked and the amount of ATH locked. 

Revolutionizing Crypto Staking With ATH

Aethir's approach to staking is unique on the market since we provide stakers with a super-charged service that brings them much more than just ATH rewards. In fact, when staking ATH, users will earn a basket of additional rewards thanks to our numerous partnerships with Web3 gaming and AI enterprises.

We have launched two staking pools: ATH Gaming and ATH AI. When staking in ATH Gaming, our stakers will also earn rewards in the native crypto tokens of Aethir's gaming partners, while using the ATH AI pool carries additional rewards from our AI partners. ATH holders can simultaneously use both pools and divide their staked ATH to earn additional rewards from both our gaming and AI partners.

Just like we're revolutionizing cloud computing, we're also changing how users can stake and earn rewards. Currently, there's no other similar staking service on the market that provides staking rewards from a multitude of additional projects on top of the original staked token. 

However, that's not all. When staking ATH, our users will receive two tokens while their ATH is staked: stATH (transferable) and veATH (non-transferable).

stATH is the liquid staking variant of ATH that lets users utilize their ATH while it’s locked up and accumulating staking rewards. Instead of locking up liquidity, our stakers will receive stATH, which they can use on various partner platforms and protocols. We will announce various stATH utilities on partner platforms in the coming period. Through stATH, Aethir stakers will have an additional way to maximize their rewards. Before withdrawing their staking rewards, users will need to deposit the total initial amount of stATH back into the Aethir staking pool. 

veATH is used to keep track of staking rewards. Users can view the veATH balance in their wallets to track their pending staking reward amounts, combined with their initial staking deposit. For instance, if a user staked 1000 ATH, they'll receive 1000 veATH, which will increase over time, so if they have 1100 veATH at the time of their staking lock-up expiration, that means they'll receive 1100 ATH at the time of withdrawal. With veATH, users can easily track exactly how much ATH they have staked, along with the accumulated rewards.

To withdraw the principle ATH, user’s need to have both veATH and stATH balances returned to the original staking wallet. 

So What Now?

Once you claim your ATH airdrop allocation, you can do much more than just hold or sell your ATH. By staking ATH on our dedicated staking platform, you're not only supporting the Aethir network but also a wide range of high-quality Web3 AI and gaming projects. For their support, these projects will reward ATH stakers with a portion of the tokens they've contributed to our staking pools.

Aethir's staking service is designed to constantly reward our holders for their dedication to the fastest-growing AI and gaming ecosystem in Web3.

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