Aethir's March 2024 Recap
April 2, 2024

Aethir's March 2024 Recap


March 2024 has been one of the most eventful months in Aethir’s history, with the kick-off of Aethir’s first decentralized Checker node sale

The Whitelist node sale went live on March 18, while the Public sale started two days later, on March 20. Just one hour after the start of the Public sale, Aethir sold $65 million worth of Checker nodes. A few days later, the node sale blasted through the 27,700 ETH mark, with over 64,000 of Aethir’s Checker node licenses sold. 

Why This Matters?

The key takeaway from the node sale is the unprecedented level of decentralization. Over 11,000 crypto wallet addresses purchased Checker nodes during Aethir’s node sale, which is a staggering number. The true number of node operators is even higher because over 20 partners and launchpads made bulk purchases with single wallet addresses to distribute node licenses among their community members. Through our node sale, we gave the community control over Aethir’s ecosystem, contributing to the decentralization of the DePIN sector.

Checker nodes are a vital component of the Aethir DePIN structure. As a GPU-as-a-service platform focused on enterprise clients, flawless service quality is our utmost priority. We use distributed GPU cloud infrastructure to provide best-in-class services to clients with millions of users in the AI, machine learning, and gaming industries.

However, unlike traditional cloud providers, Aethir uses decentralized cloud servers distributed across a multitude of locations worldwide. Aethir positions distributed GPU cloud infrastructure in numerous locations to provide clients with processing power physically closer than centralized clouds. As a result, Aethir’s cloud GPU services are faster, lag-free, and more scalable, making them ideal for use by enterprises with massive user bases.

To manage the Aethir network and ensure all clients get enterprise-grade distributed GPU cloud services, Aethir utilizes Checker nodes. Instead of Aethir controlling the network as a centralized entity, thousands of node operators will be running the network. That’s because we firmly believe in Web 3.0 decentralization and empowering the community. 

Anyone can run Aethir Checker nodes and earn rewards while contributing to the safety, stability, and quality of Aethir’s distributed GPU cloud infrastructure. 

The Checker node sale is just the beginning of the full launch of Aethir’s ecosystem. The following period carries even more excitement with the coming launch of Aethir’s Testnet and Mainnet. Key players in gaming and AI will be integrating with Aethir's infrastructure to power billions of AI and gaming interactions, and we are only just getting started.

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