Aethir's May 2024 Recap
June 3, 2024

Aethir's May 2024 Recap


The excitement never stops at Aethir, with constant new milestone achievements on our road to revolutionizing cloud computing and building the largest GPU DePIN in the world. 

The long-anticipated Aethir token generation event (TGE) is coming up in June, along with many surprises for our community members.

Let's have a detailed look at Aethir's key accomplishments in May 2024.

Aethir Cloud Drop: A Massive Success

Aethir Cloud Drop has just ended, and it's definitely one for the history books when it comes to airdrop campaigns. Initially, we wanted to onboard 200,000+ campaign participants into the Aethir ecosystem through the airdrop campaign. However, we achieved that number in a matter of days, and the final number of participants exceeded 870,000, along with over 670,000 claimed airdrop badges. Unlike many complex airdrop campaigns, the Aethir Cloud Drop platform proved extremely practical and user-friendly. Participants just had to log in with their crypto wallets to receive specific airdrop badges and secure an ATH allocation. 

The campaign saw unprecedented engagement from our loyal Aethirians and a wide range of leading Web3 communities. In addition to Aethir Checker Node owners and Aethir OGs, members of various Web3 trendsetter communities and rising stars were also included in our airdrop campaign. These communities include Azuki, Milady, WolvesDAO, Mocaverse, AI Arena, Parallel, APhone, Mad Lads, Shard Rush, Moemate, LiquidX and Today. Additionally, Aethir Cloud Drop participants had various Galxe and Layer3 quests at their disposal as a means of joining the airdrop.

Stay tuned for details on the airdrop claiming process and the exact date of our TGE.

Aethir Edge Sale

Last month, we presented our state-of-the-art Aethir Edge cloud computing hardware device, and this month, we've launched the public sale of the first 1000 devices. Aethir Edge is a key element of the Aethir DePIN stack, allowing device owners to join the Aethir network as service providers. Aethir Edge enables owners to contribute their idle GPU capacity and bandwidth to the Aethir network and join our ecosystem as Containers tasked with providing cloud computing services to our clients. 

The sale kicked off on 23 May, and the 1000 Aethir Edge supply was sold in less than an hour, showcasing the community's faith in the utility of our innovative edge computing device. After our TGE and the launch of Aethir Mainnet, Edge owners will start earning ATH token rewards for their role as Aethir network service providers. A total of 23% of the ATH token supply is reserved for Aethir Edge operators.

The next batch of 6000 Aethir Edge devices will be distributed in June. 

Aethir at Consensus 2024

Consensus 2024 by Coindesk is one of the key Web3 events in the US, and of course, Aethir was present. This year's Consensus conference featured 15,000+ attendees, 6,800+ companies, and 850+ investors. 

On 28 May, we organized an event called Aethir AI Dinner Salon, which included a dynamic fireside chat with CoinDesk regarding the state of AI, DePIN, and Aethir's role in the evolution of decentralized AI cloud computing.

Our Co-Founder, Mark Rydon, was joined by ​Jeff Wilser (AI-Curious Podcast), Jing Sun (Co-Founder, IoTeX), and Rishin Sharma (CoinFund) to discuss AI and decentralization. The audience was highly engaged, with 200+ attendees eager to ask questions, creating an interactive atmosphere.

We also attended the Austin on My Mind event hosted by our partner Mind Network on 28 May. The event featured an exciting breakfast panel on AI decentralization with representatives of IoTeX, 0G Labs, Allora Network, and

On 31 May, we had two additional Consensus events. The first one was an all-day event called Aethir Pre-Launch Day. The event included three panel discussions on GPU-related topics, AI innovations, and Web3 gaming. Participants included our Mark Rydon and our CRO, Paul Thind, along with representatives of Animoca Brands, Arlington Capital, Gumi Cryptos, Generative Ventures, 0G Labs, Borderless Capital,, Outliers Fund, Moemate, and Tess Ventures.

To round up Aethir's presence at Consensus 2024, we closed the conference on 31 May with our Aethir DePINner event, an invite-only exclusive dinner experience presented by Aethir, Aphone, and Aethir Edge. 

Expanding the Aethir Ecosystem

Throughout May, we've continued our journey to build the most vibrant and extensive AI and gaming ecosystem in the Web3 industry. We've engaged in numerous comprehensive partnerships with reputable industry participants to promote decentralized GPU cloud computing and empower the AI and gaming industries.

Our latest gaming partners leveraging Aethir's decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure to power Web3 gaming innovation include StarLaunch, Pactus Blockchain, GamerHash AI, Engines of Fury, PlayFi Gaming, Angelic The Game, Delabs Games, SpartaDEX, Twilight Fantasy, Immutable, and GAM3S.GG.

AI is a vital sector for the Aethir ecosystem. May was a tremendously exciting month with new AI collaborations and partnerships with Zero1 Labs, KIP Protocol, iAgent, Inferium, and Rivalz Network.

We're also expanding our partnerships with reputable Web3 DAOs by joining forces with SearchFi, one of the industry's most innovative DAOs. 

Furthermore, we've onboarded DePIN X and Infstones as Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) providers because we constantly strive to secure additional NaaS options for our node holders ahead of the Aethir Mainnet launch. 

Ecosystem Partner Airdrops to Aethir Node Holders

As a result of our continuous effort to secure added benefits for Aethir Checker Node holders, six of our ecosystem partners announced airdrops for our node holders. APhone,, CARV, Rivalz Network, Zero1 Labs, and Delabs Games are all conducting airdrops to Aethir Checker Node holders. In fact, APhone's airdrop to the Aethir community is already live, and node holders can claim it here

May has been packed with partnership announcements, impactful collaborations, and community engagement through our Aethir Cloud Drop campaign. Now, our eyes are fixed on the Aethir TGE, the single most important moment for the full launch of the Aethir DePIN stack.

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