Aethir's New Look: Ready for Mainnet Launch
June 7, 2024

Aethir's New Look: Ready for Mainnet Launch


With the Aethir Token Generation Event (TGE) just a few days away, we are thrilled to unveil Aethir's new look. This marks the beginning of the next stage of our journey to revolutionize cloud computing with cutting-edge decentralized cloud infrastructure.

As part of our strategic evolution, Aethir's website is transforming its colors and designs, as are all our social media and community channels. This decision to refresh our look is a deliberate move to align our visual identity with our core values and symbolize the transition of Aethir's operations into a new, post-TGE era.

The Aethir token generation event is a milestone that will forever divide Aethir's history into two eras. From our humble beginnings in 2021, when we published our inaugural whitepaper, to our TGE three years later, numerous key accomplishments brought us to this point. 

We've created the world's largest decentralized GPU cloud computing network, fostering a distributed infrastructure approach and catering to the most demanding enterprise clients in the AI and gaming industries. Our supply of over 2000 NVIDIA H100s and 40,000+ additional top-shelf GPUs is a testament to the last three years of hard work to expand our ecosystem across the globe. Aethir distributed 75,000 Checker Nodes to over 22,000 community members, fully decentralizing our DePIN stack. We’ve raised over $140m from the combination of the sale and funding during this period and established close ties with over 100 partners, including launchpads, VCs, investment funds, DAOs, Web3 communities, AI and gaming companies. 

Now, we introduce our new look at the beginning of the next chapter of Aethir's journey. 

Aethir’s Refreshed Looks

The look we chose is much more than just a combination of mutually complementary colors. It's a visual statement signifying Aethir's strength and dedication to ushering in a new age of decentralized cloud computing.

The Vibrant Green color in our palette is closely tied to our sense of energy, growth, and innovation. Green is associated with nature, suggesting sustainability and renewal, which aligns perfectly with Aethir's commitment to ethical practices and the democratization of resources. Aethir's DePIN stack aims to take advantage of the vast global supply of idle, unused GPU resources and channel that processing power toward enterprise clients in need of reliable, highly scalable cloud computing. In this process, we're maximizing efficiency and putting existing hardware resources to good use.

Our Vibrant Green offers a striking contrast and immediate visual recognition in the sea of grey and blue color palettes often associated with tech and Web3 companies. Aethir is much more than a technological innovator in the cloud computing sector. We are breathing new life energy and creativity into the AI and gaming industries by providing enterprises with the powerful GPU cloud computing resources they need to explore and build new, revolutionary platforms and products. Hence, there is a strong connection between Aethir's new Vibrant Green color and our DePIN philosophy of supporting Web3 innovation in the AI and gaming sectors.

With our refreshed visual identity, Aethir is ready for the next steps of DePIN evolution. 

Next stop: Mainnet launch.

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