Aethir’s Node Sale: Decentralization Achieved
April 12, 2024

Aethir’s Node Sale: Decentralization Achieved


Key Takeaways from Aethir’s Checker Node Sale

- Over 66,000 Checker Node licenses were sold, valued at over 29,000 ETH.

- Aethir has achieved complete decentralization by distributing the sold nodes to over 20,000 buyers.

- Over 100 partners joined the node sale and helped decentralize control over Aethir’s GPU cloud infrastructure.

- The first batch of Checker Node NFT licenses was distributed to community members on 12 April.

- Around 35,000 Checker Node licenses are still available for purchase.

- The historical success of Aethir’s node sale clearly indicates the rapidly growing importance of the DePIN and GPU cloud computing sectors.

- Aethir’s implied FDV is now over $2 billion, even before our TGE in Q2 2024

- Impossible Finance was the official ecosystem partner and infrastructure provider for the Aethir Node Sale. By leveraging Impossible Finance's advisory expertise on node and token economics, proprietary technology, and KOL network, Impossible Finance played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the sale.

Aethir is on a path to revolutionize GPU cloud computing with our highly scalable, lightning-fast decentralized cloud infrastructure. In March, we distributed over 66,000 Checker Node licenses, valued at over 29,000 ETH, to over 20,000 buyers from across the globe. By doing so, Aethir has successfully decentralized control over its GPU DePIN ecosystem. After our node sale, Aethir’s implied FDV is over $2 billion, and our TGE is yet to happen in Q2 2024.

Joining Aethir’s Checker Node network is still possible. Another 35,000 Checker Node licenses are still available for purchase. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity, given that the total number of 100,000 Aethir Checker Nodes is finite. There won’t be any additional Checker Nodes in the Aethir ecosystem. 

Full Decentralization Thanks to Our Community

Our node sale is a major success for Web 3.0 decentralization. Achieving such a key milestone for Aethir’s ecosystem was largely accomplished thanks to our network of over 100 partners. In true Web 3.0 community-first fashion, Aethir’s network includes over 100 DAOs, launchpads, VCs, KOLs, syndicates, and NFT communities. 

On this occasion, we would like to extend our gratitude to every one of our partners. Some of our most esteemed partners include Impossible Finance, Animoca Brands, Merit Circle, ARC, Dewhales, Fomofudme, NeoTokyo, and Mocaverse, with their exceptional dedication to Aethir’s vision.

Aethir firmly believes in Web 3.0 decentralization, which is why we’ve distributed our Checker Nodes to the community instead of retaining centralized control. With over 20,000 holders, Aethir has made history by facilitating the most decentralized node sale in Web 3.0. 

Empowering Our Community With Checker Nodes

Aethir believes that top-quality cloud computing should be available to everyone regardless of location and needs. Checker Nodes have an essential role in Aethir’s infrastructure. The nodes are responsible for ensuring each user has constant access to high-performance processing power from GPU Containers in Aethir’s network. 

Each node is represented by an NFT license, allowing users to set up and run their Aethir nodes once Aethir’s Mainnet goes live in Q2 2024. The first batch of Checker Node license NFTs has been distributed on 12 April 2024.

For their vital role in Aethir’s DePIN ecosystem, node operators will earn 10% of the total $ATH token supply during the next four years. Another 5% of the token supply is reserved for the most dedicated node operators who fulfill special requirements such as exceptional uptime and no early withdrawals.

Early adopters of Aethir’s technology also stand to earn bonus Checker Node rewards during the first six months. Additionally, thanks to our massive partner network, Aethir’s Checker Node operators will also be eligible for various benefits and surprises on behalf of our partners.

The Impact of Aethir’s Node Sale on the Future of DePIN

Apart from powering the Aethir network, the decentralization of Aethir’s Checker Node supply has far-reaching implications for the future of DePIN and GPU cloud computing. The AI, machine learning, and cloud gaming industries have a constantly growing appetite for GPU power. This is especially true for enterprises using generative AI and large language models in everyday operations.

Aethir uses a vast, constantly expanding network of GPUs distributed in a multitude of locations worldwide instead of just a few centralized big-tech data centers. Thanks to decentralized operating mechanics, Aethir can pool GPU power from multiple sources simultaneously and utilize idle GPUs. Not only does Aethir use GPU power more efficiently than centralized clouds, but it also lowers operating costs thanks to its efficient GPU usage. However, to ensure this massive GPU network is constantly providing optimal quality of service, Aethir needs Checker Nodes. That’s where our community comes into play as the most important factor for the success of Aethir’s DePIN model. 

Aethir’s distributed GPU cloud computing network is set to jumpstart a new phase of DePIN development in which AI and cloud gaming enterprises can confidently shift to a decentralized operational model at much lower prices and higher efficiency. By partnering with Aethir, enterprises gain access to a highly scalable, lag-free GPU-as-a-service platform that can accommodate their constantly growing needs. 

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