Aethir's NVIDIA H100 GPUs: Powering the Future of AI
May 24, 2024

Aethir's NVIDIA H100 GPUs: Powering the Future of AI


In just a few years, the AI sector became the most GPU-hungry industry in the world, with a constantly growing appetite for top-of-the-line GPUs. AI workloads require tremendous computing power, which CPUs can't even remotely meet. The only effective solution for the AI sector is strong GPU chipsets that can process millions of complex datasets and execute advanced AI programming operations.

Moreover, AI is not just growing. It's evolving at an unprecedented pace. With an exponentially increasing influx of new features, broadened AI functionalities, and innovative use cases, the AI sector is a hotbed of excitement and possibilities. Not only is the number of AI enterprises increasing, but so are the scope and complexity of associated workloads. Operations such as large language model (LLM) training, AI inference, machine learning, deep learning, and AI agent training are all GPU-heavy. With added features, these AI workloads are becoming even more power-hungry.

The NVIDIA H100 is currently the pinnacle of GPU engineering, specially geared toward AI workloads. Aethir's supply of these chips, exclusively reserved for our AI and machine learning enterprise clients, is a testament to our commitment to providing the best-in-class technology. Compared to traditional centralized cloud providers, Aethir's decentralized use of H100 GPUs is far more effective, allowing us to dynamically adapt GPU power supplies according to the needs of our AI clients.

NVIDIA H100 GPUs and AI Workloads

NVIDIA is the undisputed leader of the global GPU industry. Its unparalleled market growth during the last decade launched it among the top 10 largest global companies by market capitalization. On 22 May 2024, NVIDIA's CEO, Jensen Huang, announced that the GPU giant increased its revenue by 18% compared to Q4 of the previous fiscal year and a staggering 262% compared to a year ago. NVIDIA's quarterly revenue for Q1 of this year is a record-breaking $26 billion.

The key driver of this unprecedented growth is the AI use case of NVIDIA's state-of-the-art chipsets. Their H100 is the perfect solution for the most demanding AI workloads since it's capable of mass data processing thanks to its highly advanced features that position it at the top of the GPU industry. The H100’s engineering and technical features are developed on a nanometer scale, which makes most of the GPU's key tech elements invisible to the naked eye. If we compare the H100 with key inventions that ushered in new stages of scientific innovation, then the H100 is like the first internal combustion engine of the 21st century. That's because H100 GPUs are engines that allow developers to create and launch ever-more-advanced AI platforms that impact people's everyday lives worldwide. 

AI use cases such as chatbots, AI assistants, LLMs, AI agents, generative AI platforms, recommendation systems, or computer vision models bring tremendous benefits to society. All industries can capitalize on AI features and improve their daily operations, but to do so, they need vast amounts of GPU power that only H100s can effectively provide.

Aethir's H100 Network

NVIDIA's H100 GPUs are a core element of Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure. We have a fleet of over 2000 H100s available on-demand for our AI enterprise clients, and thousands more are in the pipeline, gradually joining our GPU cloud network. Aethir's H100 supply is already far beyond the GPU capacity of our competitors.

However, our strength is more than just the number of available H100s. Our operational model and how we use those H100s are what really make Aethir the go-to solution for all types of enterprise-grade AI workloads. Traditional cloud computing services concentrate GPU resources in centralized server hubs, so they can't efficiently channel GPU power to clients far away from their data centers. Aethir, on the other hand, can efficiently reach clients on the network's edge in most global regions thanks to our distributed network infrastructure. 

Our H100s are strategically positioned worldwide, enabling us to provide a streamlined flow of premium GPU resources to AI enterprises regardless of their physical locations. Each client is serviced by our closest available H100 chips, thus eliminating latency issues. Aethir's clients can fully concentrate on their AI projects without worrying whether they'll have a sufficient GPU supply. That's because Aethir's GPU cloud anticipates the massive growth of the AI industry, and our network is built to provide limitless scalability to our clients. 

Scalability is a crucial aspect of today's AI development because training advanced LLMs and AI inference is becoming more complex with each new iteration. Consequently, AI workloads are becoming more GPU-hungry. AI scalability is a nightmare for centralized GPU computing providers because these services cannot dynamically scale their GPU resources. Aethir's DePIN stack uses Indexers to dynamically connect clients with the closest GPU Containers in our network and simultaneously pool processing power from multiple sources. Through this decentralized mechanism, Aethir can add H100 GPU capacity to our clients' daily operations on the go without any friction.

Expanding Aethir's H100 Supply

Each H100 GPU is a powerhouse for AI processing on its own, but as the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. Aethir has over 2000 H100 GPUs in its active supply, with several thousand H100s in our onboarding pipeline. As Aethir anticipates exponential AI industry growth, we continuously strive to expand our H100 supply by broadening our network of GPU partners worldwide. 

The AI industry is location-agnostic, so concentrating vast GPU resources in regional capitals is not enough. To truly provide the AI sector with the infrastructure for future growth, we are persistent in decentralizing Aethir's physical infrastructure globally. In the Web3 era of globally distributed remote AI developer teams, decentralization of GPU hardware is more important than ever. 

A single AI enterprise can have a team of 50 people spread across several continents in both regional centers and remote cities. However, they all need ample GPU resources to conduct their daily operations on AI development smoothly. Regarding end-users, LLM-based platforms are now used by hundreds of millions of people daily. The true power of Aethir's H100 supply is its globally distributed nature, which enables us to amplify the strength of NVIDIA's state-of-the-art technology. To keep up with the AI sector's demand, Aethir is systematically expanding its global H100 fleet.

Empowering AI Enterprises With NVIDIA H100 GPUs

Aethir is offering AI enterprises the means to jumpstart their operations with the most advanced GPU solutions. In addition to individual on-demand H100 chipsets, our Aethir Earth solution specifically caters to the most demanding AI workloads.

Aethir Earth is our bare metal GPU cloud service optimized for AI applications. Earth delivers the performance, reliability, scalability, and security enterprises require at pricing most providers can't touch. Our clients can choose between HGX H100 and DGX H100 setups tailored for advanced AI programming.

HGX H100 is a specialized compute platform, not a standalone server, designed to be the foundation for custom-built AI servers. It provides unparalleled flexibility and scalability, empowering Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators to design tailor-made AI infrastructure optimized for their specific needs and workloads. The HGX setup is the foundation for powerful AI servers. It comes with four or eight H100 units, perfect for advanced LLM training, inference of transformer-based models, and increased parallel AI workloads.

For even more demanding AI use cases, Aethir has the DGX H100 version of our Aethir Earth solution. The DGX H100 is the all-in-one AI powerhouse. It's a fully integrated AI supercomputer meticulously engineered for seamless deployment and exceptional out-of-the-box performance. The DGX H100 combines the power of the HGX H100 with additional hardware and software components to deliver a comprehensive, turnkey solution for AI development and deployment at any scale.

The Future of AI Cloud Computing Is Decentralized

Combining Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure model and NVIDIA's H100 GPUs creates a win-win situation for AI enterprises. With flexible and highly scalable computing resources, Aethir's use of H100s in a distributed manner is far more versatile than traditional GPU computing services. Unlike centralized clouds, we can adapt to real-time supply and demand fluctuation, maximizing the efficiency of GPU usage in Aethir's network.

The demand for enterprise-grade GPU power will only increase as the AI industry grows. Aethir's DePIN stack will be there to power the future of AI computing with our expanding supply of H100s.

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