Aethir's Success: A Decentralized Community
April 8, 2024

Aethir's Success: A Decentralized Community


- NFT node licenses are dropping soon

- Users can run checker nodes on their computers using Aethir’s checker node software. Stay tuned for more details

Aethir has become a part of Web 3.0 history by distributing 64,000 Checker nodes worth over 28,000 ETH to our community through a massive Checker node sale. During the first hour of the public sale, early adopters of Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure grabbed a staggering $65M worth of nodes. 

Such a rapid sales pace demonstrates the sheer size and dedication of Aethir's loyal community and partner network, who believe that cloud computing's future is decentralized. By distributing our node infrastructure to over 20,000 community members, Aethir has achieved full network decentralization. 

Aethir's  Checker nodes have a crucial role in maintaining the high quality of service of Aethir's decentralized network. Checker nodes are tasked with constantly monitoring the service quality of GPU Containers in Aethir's network to provide AI and gaming enterprises with a steady flow of top-grade GPU power. 

Today, in an era where machine-learning solutions are rapidly becoming popular, and cloud gaming is constantly expanding, Aethir's services are needed more than ever.

The Next Steps After the Sale

Our node buyers will receive NFT node licenses. For the exact NFT airdrop dates, be sure to follow Aethir on X. Buyers will receive one NFT per purchased node. With their NFT licenses, buyers will be able to set up and run Aethir nodes in Q2 2024. 

Very soon, users will be able to run Aethir nodes on their computers with the help of Aethir's Checker node client software. Even the lowest-end machines can successfully support the daily operations of Aethir's Checker nodes.

However, buyers can also choose to run their nodes through a VPS service or a Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider for more convenience.

Here are some reliable VPS options: AWS, Tencent Cloud, RackNerd, Hostwinds, and Digital Ocean.

If you wish to choose a NaaS provider, here are some trustworthy options: Animoca Brands, Luganodes, NodeOps, and Builder Capital.

Checker Node Operator Rewards

Running an Aethir Checker node will earn you regular passive income in the form of $ATH token rewards. Aethir has reserved 10% of the upcoming $ATH token's total supply for node operator rewards. An additional 5% of the token supply will go to eligible nodes that fulfill requirements such as exceptional uptime and no early withdrawals.

Operators who participated in Aethir's node sale will also earn a special early adopter benefit of 6 months of bonus rewards. 

Node operators will be able to check the status of their rewards and withdraw them through an upcoming user portal on Aethir’s website.

Remember that Aethir's $ATH token has not launched yet and all coins claiming to be associated with Aethir are scams.

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