APhone Joins Aethir Cloud Drop and Announces Annual Pass Airdrop
May 15, 2024

APhone Joins Aethir Cloud Drop and Announces Annual Pass Airdrop


- APhone will airdrop Annual Access Passes to Aethir Checker Node owners.

- The APhone community will receive a portion of the upcoming ATH token airdrop.

APhone, the first Web3 cloud phone, is one of the leading projects building on the Aethir network. Today, APhone is joining the Aethir Cloud Drop campaign to bring massive benefits to both projects’ communities.

As part of our partnership, APhone will airdrop APhone Annual Access Passes to Aethir Checker Node owners. By doing so, APhone will empower Aethir node owners with access to their hardware agnostic, multifunctional Web3 cloud phone. 

Meanwhile, Aethir will airdrop a portion of the ATH token supply to APhone community members. This dual-airdrop initiative is designed to recognize and appreciate the loyalty and engagement of the APhone and Aethir communities.

Aethir and APhone are a perfect match since both entities are consistent advocates of decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN). Aethir is the world's largest decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure network, geared toward enterprise clients in the AI, machine learning, and gaming industries and of course, APhone, one of the most innovative consumer DePIN projects. 

Unlike centralized cloud computing services, we’ve distributed ownership over our infrastructure through a decentralized sale of over 74,000 Aethir Checker Nodes. Aethir’s Checker Node network will be responsible for maintaining operating stability and optimal quality of Aethir’s cloud computing services after the launch of Aethir’s Mainnet.

APhone is powered by Aethir. Consequently, Aethir Checker Nodes play a key role in providing the APhone ecosystem with streamlined GPU cloud computing resources. Hence, airdropping APhone NFTs to Aethir Checker Node owners is a logical step for our growing partnership. Likewise, loyal APhone users who show their uncompromising commitment to the innovative concept of APhone’s blockchain cloud phone will be rewarded with ATH tokens.

In contrast to traditional smartphones, APhone is a Web3 cloud phone that users can utilize on physical smartphone devices, PCs, laptops, on any device. APhone uses Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure to provide users with a secure, device-agnostic Web3 experience that traverses the geographical boundaries of telecommunication service providers. Furthermore, APhone provides seamless dApp accessibility and an integrated Web 3.0 app store. Regarding RAM and GPU capacity, APhone can easily pull the necessary computing resources from Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure to handle any workload.

APhone is the latest in the constantly expanding list of additional projects whose communities are being included in the Aethir Cloud Drop campaign in the run-up to our upcoming ATH token generation event.

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