ATH Token: More Than Just a Cryptocurrency
May 10, 2024

ATH Token: More Than Just a Cryptocurrency


The Aethir Cloud Drop campaign is well underway and is the final stretch of Aethir's pre-token generation event journey. Our airdrop campaign is running from 26 April, while the token generation event is close to follow after Aethir Cloud Drop ends. Anyone can join the Aethir Cloud Drop campaign to secure an ATH token allocation by earning badges and completing quests on our official airdrop platform

In the meantime, let's get acquainted with the key characteristics and utility of Aethir's upcoming ATH token. ATH will be the fuel that powers the Aethir ecosystem, allowing users to earn, spend, transact, hold, trade, vote, and more with the power of ATH.

Crypto utility tokens are a crucial element of Web 3.0 blockchain-based networks. With the help of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Web 3.0 projects like Aethir can provide decentralized, easy-to-use assets that users can take full ownership of on the blockchain. In the case of ATH, the Aethir community will get the crypto utility token it deserves as one of the fastest-growing and most loyal communities in Web 3.0.

Aethir is a pioneering force in the DePIN sector, paving the way for decentralized GPU cloud computing. On that path, the ATH token utilities will be of great value. Community ownership is a core value of Aethir, and that's one of the key reasons we've launched the Aethir Cloud Drop campaign ahead of our TGE. We aim to reach as many community members as possible and distribute a portion of ATH tokens to further decentralize the Aethir network.

The Aethir DePIN Ecosystem

Decentralization is Aethir's core value. The Aethir DePIN stack consists of 74,000 distributed Checker Nodes, over 40,000 top-shelf GPUs, and more than 4000 NVIDIA H100s. Aethir is on a global mission to decentralize GPU cloud computing and provide distributed GPU-as-a-service resources for AI and gaming enterprises worldwide. 

We provide enterprises with streamlined access to highly scalable, latency-free GPU power for facilitating complex AI and machine learning operations, including AI inference, training of large language models (LLMs), generative AI, and more. In the era of rapidly evolving AI technology, Aethir's distributed GPU cloud solution is more important than ever. 

Another GPU power-hungry industry is gaming, especially with the growing shift from traditional to cloud gaming. Cloud gaming opens tremendous possibilities for gamers who don't have access to high-end computers and gaming consoles. The GPU heavy lifting is done remotely through GPU clouds. However, centralized clouds are highly inefficient because they dedicate an entire GPU per user, and these GPUs are often underutilized. Aethir's decentralization allows our network to pool GPU power from underutilized hardware and channel it where it's needed most. Furthermore, our users always receive processing power from the physically closest source, thus eliminating latency and lagging issues.

Aethir's Checker Nodes are tasked with maintaining the network's stability by constantly checking the service quality provided by GPU Containers in Aethir's network. Recently, we distributed over 74,000 Checker Node licenses, worth more than 41,000 ETH, to over 20,000 community members, and all of these node holders will receive an ATH token airdrop. To put things into perspective, this means that we'll have 20,000 token holders at TGE just from our node holders. 

ATH Token Utilities

There are various ATH token utilities that will provide unique benefits for our community members and token holders. Aethir's node sale's fully diluted value is over $2.7 billion, hinting at a strong potential market start for the Aethir token after the token generation event. Of course, anyone will be able to purchase the ATH utility token on the crypto exchanges that will list ATH, but Aethir Cloud Drop participants will definitely have a head start. 

The Aethir Cloud Drop campaign is designed to empower our community and enable users to secure a portion of our upcoming airdrop. By doing so, users will earn a position in the DePIN revolution spearheaded by Aethir's cutting-edge technology designed for the future. Aethir's key strength is that our decentralized cloud infrastructure anticipates the rapid expansion of industries like AI and cloud gaming. This means that instead of just reacting to current industry developments, we are building a decentralized cloud infrastructure for future scalability. The ATH utility token is far more than just a cryptocurrency. It's the utility gateway to the future of DePIN.

We at Aethir firmly believe in decentralization and democratizing access to top-notch cloud computing, and that's why ATH tokens will grant special governance rights to token holders after the TGE. Furthermore, we distributed ownership over Aethir's Checker Nodes and introduced the Aethir Edge hardware device that lets anyone become a service provider in Aethir's network. Both Checker Node owners and Aethir Edge owners stand to earn Aethir token rewards for their contribution to Aethir's DePIN.

Additionally, users will be able to utilize ATH for transactional uses, just like any other cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are known to be volatile assets with considerable price swings in short periods. However, tokens with strong underlying ecosystems and utilities tend to be more stable and financially promising than tokens without any considerable community or use case. In this sense, the Aethir token has a bright future ahead of it, thanks to the fact that it will lead a broad decentralized GPU cloud ecosystem with more than 100 partners.

Earn ATH Tokens in the Aethir Decentralized GPU Cloud Network

Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure relies heavily on the community to power and maintain the stability of its DePIN stack. That's why one of the key ATH token utilities is to reward community members for their role in Aethir's ecosystem, either as Checkers or as Containers. 

Checker Node license owners can choose to run their nodes on their own devices or to outsource their node running operation through a Node-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider like Luganodes, easeflow, and NodeOps, our official NaaS partners. Also, license holders can set up and run their nodes on a VPS service provider's infrastructure. During the next four years, Aethir Checker Nodes will earn 10% of the total ATH token supply. Also, another 5% of the supply is reserved for nodes that fulfill special requirements such as exceptional uptime and no early withdrawals. 

Container operators are another essential component of the Aethir DePIN stack, tasked with providing computing services to end-users. With the launch of Aethir Edge, our versatile edge computing hardware device, anyone can now join the Aethir DePIN as a service provider with their idle computing power. Aethir Edge owners will earn a massive 23% of the total Aethir token supply by providing raw computing power to the Aethir network.

Aethir Cloud Drop: Secure Your Share of ATH Tokens

In every aspect, the ATH token utilities make our upcoming crypto token a versatile digital asset that goes way beyond standard cryptocurrencies used for trading and making payments. ATH token advantages allow our community to have a say in the development of the Aethir DePIN ecosystem and reap the benefits of the rapidly evolving decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure sector.

Our Aethir Cloud Drop campaign is well underway, with over 410,000 participants so far, but there is still time to join the fun and earn your spot in the ATH token airdrop. The rules are simple. Just go to our official Aethir Cloud Drop platform and connect your crypto wallet to start earning badges and completing quests. 

This is your opportunity to be a part of DePIN history with Aethir.

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