Become an Aethir Ambassador: Join the A-Team
April 25, 2024

Become an Aethir Ambassador: Join the A-Team


Aethir is building the A-Team, a mighty group of Aethir ambassadors dedicated to the success of Aethir's DePIN vision to empower the AI, machine learning, and gaming industries with enterprise-grade decentralized GPU cloud computing power.

We are assembling a global force to help spread the word about Aethir's ecosystem, and we want YOU to be part of it. But we're not stopping there; we are also looking for regional ambassadors. We want to empower our ambassadors to represent Aethir in the best possible way and introduce their friends and communities to the benefits and capabilities of Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure.

Are you a good fit for the A-Team? Don't wait any longer. Join the A-Team by filling out our official Ambassadorship program form.

As an ambassador, you'll unlock exclusive perks like insider access to Aethir's initiatives, personal branding support, and special unannounced rewards. Ambassadors will also get access to Aethir's merch and exclusive channels. 

But remember, ambassador spots are limited, and the ambassador selection is at our discretion.

What Is Expected of the A-Team?

1) Support the global community on Discord and Telegram. 

2) Engage your local community on Discord and other platforms.

3) Translate crucial documents and announcements within 24 hours.

4) Connect local influencers to Aethir and join global discussions.

Members of the A-Team embody the critical aspects of Aethir's mission and vision as Web 3.0 natives dedicated to amplifying Aethir's message across the web through different channels and aiding Aethir in growing our global community.

Outstanding ambassadors could even score long-term opportunities and growth with Aethir.

If you think you have what it takes, tap the link and fill out the A-Team application form to join the most innovative DePIN team in Web 3.0.

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