Checker Node Onboarding Period End: Delegate Your Nodes Now!
June 26, 2024

Checker Node Onboarding Period End: Delegate Your Nodes Now!


Aethir's Mainnet went live on 12 June, when our massive network of over 91,000+ Checker Nodes started to accumulate daily ATH rewards. To reward our loyal community of Checker Node holders, we decided to give all nodes a 100% Checker reward rate during the onboarding phase of our Checker Node network between 12 June and 27 June. All Checker Nodes earned the maximum 15% ATH rewards during this period.

The onboarding period is ending, so Checker Node holders need to delegate their Checker licenses to Checker Client operators. From 28 June, only active Checker Nodes delegated to node operators will earn daily ATH rewards because that's when they'll start conducting Checker tasks to support the daily operations of the Aethir DePIN stack.

You can either run your own Checker Client CLI/GUI on your PC or laptop or delegate your Checker Node licenses to one of Aethir's trustworthy Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) partners.

In both cases, the process is quite simple. We've prepared a detailed step-by-step tutorial video for Checker Node holders on how to use the Aethir Checker Portal

Delegating your Checker Node licenses only takes a few minutes. Once delegated, Checker Nodes will automatically earn daily rewards. As a reminder, 15% of the ATH supply is reserved for Checker Node rewards during the next four years. 

Our Official Nodes-as-a-Service Partners

Delegating your Checker Nodes to a NaaS provider is a great way to enjoy a plug-and-play node operating experience. All you need to do is sign up with a NaaS provider and delegate your Checker Node licenses. There's no need to worry about hardware maintenance or electricity costs when using a NaaS provider. However, it's highly recommended to only choose a reputable and trusted provider to delegate your nodes to.

Below is a list of Aethir's official NaaS partners. All of these providers offer top-notch services. Feel free to check out each one and choose the one that best suits your needs.


InfStones is one of our official NaaS providers. They have been present on the market since 2018. InfStones is a true veteran when it comes to operating decentralized Web3 nodes. In fact, they are one of the longest-serving NaaS providers on the market. One of InfStones' key characteristics is their simple, straightforward, user-friendly approach to node operating services. Aethir Checker Node holders don't need any technical expertise to set up their nodes on InfStones.

The uptime of nodes run on InfStones' infrastructure is flawless, ensuring Aethir Checker Node holders have a 99.99% uptime. This enables them to earn the maximum 15% Checker Node rewards during the next four years.


Luganodes is a leading Swiss-operated enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure provider that supports Aethir Checker Node license owners in operating their nodes. By combining Luganodes' expertise in enterprise-grade non-custodial blockchain infrastructure with Aethir's mission to revolutionize GPU computing, our community has access to state-of-the-art node operator services that leverage high-end hardware and robust security measures.

With Luganodes' support, Aethir Checker Node license owners can utilize a globally trusted Swiss NaaS provider for seamless node deployment.


NodeOps supports almost all of the recent node infrastructures, including XAI, HyChain, Avail, Zora, and more—with over 17,000 nodes powered by NodeOps in the last quarter alone. The company provides active support for over 20 chains and offers single-stop node deployment solutions for node infrastructures and relevant communities. Now, NodeOps has included Aethir Checker Nodes in their portfolio of node operator services.

The NodeOps Console provides a straightforward, user-friendly interface for Aethir Checker Node owners. It allows them to quickly delegate their Checker Node licenses and start earning ATH rewards.


easeflow is a leading node terminal and blockchain engagement product developer known for top-grade node operator services across the Web3 industry. easeflow streamlines unparalleled accessibility and efficiency to simplify complex processes for users at all levels. The company's expertise in providing a seamless, one-click node setup solution aligns perfectly with Aethir's vision. 

With easeflow's help, we are empowering users of all backgrounds to effortlessly participate in the Aethir ecosystem through a smooth node deployment process.


DePIN X is one of our official NaaS providers that allow Checker Node holders to run their nodes with ease. With DePIN X, the whole process is designed to be simple and hassle-free, relieving users of worrying about any aspects of the node's technical daily operations. Designed with node owners' needs in mind, their service is excellent for users without technical expertise. 

The deployment of Aethir Nodes on DePIN X's infrastructure allows our node owners to simply delegate their licenses and sit back while watching their ATH token rewards accumulate.

Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands joined Aethir's decentralized GPU cloud as a NaaS provider, ensuring a convenient node running experience for Aethir Checker Node owners. Animoca Brands is driving digital property rights via NFT projects, and Aethir's Checker Node licenses are NFTs themselves. Animoca's infrastructure boasts a wealth of experience in NFT mechanics as well as superb security measures. 

With Animoca Brands as an official Aethir NaaS partner, our community members can delegate their Checker Node licenses to Animoca, a trusted node operator approved by Aethir. 


Supernoderz is an excellent option for streamlined, one-click node deployment. They are a trusted NaaS provider with experience in operating nodes of various popular Web3 projects, including Celestia, Shardeum, Chia, Fuel, Elixir, Flock, and others. Now, Supernoderz also support Aethir Checker Nodes by offering our community a quick and easy service for delegating their node licenses.

The Supernoderz dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. It simplifies the node setup process and doesn't require technical knowledge on the node holder's side.

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