Exciting Partnerships with Aethir: Numerous Airdrops Coming to Our Nodes!
May 30, 2024

Exciting Partnerships with Aethir: Numerous Airdrops Coming to Our Nodes!


- Drops to our core community of nodes! Aethir secures additional value for Checker Node holders.

- Six ecosystem partner airdrops for Checker Node holders by APhone, CARV, Delabs Games,, Rivalz Network, and Zero1 Labs.

Aethir's Checker Nodes are a centerpiece of our decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure. Through the largest Web3 node sale in history, we distributed 75,000 Checker Node licenses to more than 22,000 community members. Our node holders will start earning 15% of the total ATH token supply after the upcoming Aethir token generation event (TGE). 

But that's just the beginning. With our fast-growing ecosystem of over 100 partners in the AI, gaming, and DePIN sectors, our node holders are poised for numerous additional rewards. These additional benefits, coupled with the Checker Node operator rewards, promise a future full of unprecedented growth potential for the Aethir community.

Who Is Preparing Special Treats for Aethir Checker Node Holders?

The Aethir ecosystem is fueled by powerful collaboration. Our ecosystem partners that will directly benefit Aethir Checker Node holders and provide them with added value in the near future include APhone, CARV, Delabs Games,, Rivalz Network, and Zero1 Labs. 

APhone, the first web3 cloud phone on the market, is a key Aethir ecosystem partner and one of the leading projects building on Aethir's DePIN stack. Traversing the limitations of standard smartphones, APhone is a Web3 cloud phone available for use on any laptop, PC, or physical smartphone device. APhone provides users with a secure, device-agnostic Web3 experience that traverses the geographical boundaries of telecommunication service providers. Furthermore, APhone provides seamless dApp accessibility and an integrated Web3 app store. 

CARV specializes in providing gaming and AI development with holistic, high-quality data reinforced with human feedback in a regulatory-compliant, trustless manner. With CARV's confidential computation layer, individuals can own, control, and share the value created from their data usage. CARV Protocol is a modular data layer with cross-chain connectivity, covering 40 blockchain networks. CARV Play, on the other hand, is the ecosystem's AI-powered super app for gamer profiling, and social, and game distribution, with over 2.5 million active users.

Delabs Games is creating "The Delabs Playable Layer" gaming experience that organically intertwines gamers, games, and the Delabs platform. Delabs is strategically developing three AAA titles—Rumble Racing Star, Space Frontier, and Metabolts—poised to serve as the Kickstarter for the Playable Layer ecosystem. is the world's largest decentralized computing network, allowing machine learning engineers to access scalable distributed computing clusters. Its best-in-class virtualization, orchestration, and networking layers enable AI/ML engineers and other builders to instantly deploy Ray and Kubernetes clusters on top of a vast network of decentralized GPUs and CPUs. Aethir is a key GPU infrastructure supplier for's computing network.

Rivalz Network is building the core infrastructure of AI Data and Intel, creating the Future AI Data Market, and powering Web3-centric AI Agents. It’s introducing an AI Intel Layer that powers an ecosystem of modular AI apps. Rivalz aims to empower a modular AI app ecosystem where developers can build solutions focused on data provenance and AI applications.

Zero1 is a decentralized Artificial Intelligence (DeAI) ecosystem focused on Data Governance. Its mission is to simplify the development process and enhance the discoverability, growth, and monetization of DeAI products while ensuring that user data remains in the hands of its rightful owners—users. Zero1's Keymaker platform provides DeAI tools and serves as a decentralized AppStore where developers and users can access various products manually or through APIs.

Empowering Partners With Aethir's DePIN Stack

Our collaboration with these Web3 companies is about deep, meaningful connections that empower our partners to improve their daily operations and provide their clients and end-users with the best possible user experience by leveraging Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure. Moreover, we enable partner organizations to develop and launch new, advanced Web3 products in the AI, and gaming industries by using Aethir’s DePIN stack.

APhone is a prime example of Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure in action. This groundbreaking We3 cloud phone doesn't rely on traditional telecommunications systems. Instead, APhone is based on Aethir's distributed GPU cloud, which provides APhone users with the necessary computing power to enjoy an innovative device-agnostic Web3 smartphone experience. 

Regarding the AI industry, Aethir is firmly dedicated to supporting technological innovation and advancements by providing enterprise clients with the right GPU resources for large language model (LLM) training, AI inference, machine learning, AI Agent training, and more. With Aethir's GPU cloud, Rivalz, and Zero1 have access to the largest decentralized GPU-as-a-service platform in the world, ensuring their users have ample computing power at their disposal for developing and launching the advanced AI platforms of tomorrow.

CARV's unique blend of AI functionalities and Web3 gaming uses Aethir's GPU cloud to simultaneously power the AI aspect of their platform and ensure CARV Play's 2.5 million users have uninterrupted access to their innovative gaming app.

Gaming enterprises can reap major benefits from leveraging Aethir's decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure, which allows gaming studios to provide players with smooth, low-latency gaming experiences. Delabs Games is getting exactly that from Aethir, ensuring their Web3 AAA gaming ecosystem has a trustworthy cloud gaming infrastructure partner to support their expansion.'s GPU clustering technology is amazing as it provides highly demanding AI clients with a streamlined source of GPU power for handling complex AI workloads. Aethir's physical GPU infrastructure is a vital component of's network. We've deployed 1000 state-of-the-art NVIDIA H100 GPUs on to support our partners in empowering AI developers across the globe.

What Exactly Will Checker Node Holders Get?

With our TGE around the corner, Aethir is off to a strong start in securing additional benefits for our community. All the partners we've listed will conduct airdrops to Aethir Checker Node holders. The exact airdrop amounts and allocation values will vary, but all our node holders are eligible to receive these various airdrops, and many more.

The CARV, Delabs Games,, Rivalz Network, and Zero1 Labs airdrop details to the Aethir community are yet to be announced. However, the APhone airdrop to Aethir Checker Node holders is already live, and all of our holders are eligible to claim the APhone Annual Pass airdrop here by connecting their node holder crypto wallets. 

Besides airdropping their upcoming native tokens to Aethir Checker Node holders, CARV, Rivalz Network, and a sleugh of other partners will also commit a percentage of their token supply to reward ATH token stakers. 

Wait, did we just say stakers?

That's right. We plan to introduce ATH staking functionalities, giving the Aethir community an additional way to participate in the Aethir DePIN stack's daily operations and earn rewards. Staking is going to be a core feature of the Aethir ecosystem post-TGE, so stay tuned for more details and surprises regarding our staking platform in the following period.

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