Join the Moca Coin Sale With Aethir
April 2, 2024

Join the Moca Coin Sale With Aethir


Mocaverse, the membership NFT collection for Animoca Brands' network of initiatives and projects, is supporting the Moca Foundation's $MOCA Coin launch through a series of campaigns and activations. As a key partner of Aethir's decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure, Mocaverse has provided Aethir with an exclusive opportunity for our community members to participate in the $MOCA Coin sale with Guaranteed and Waitlist sale codes.

The $MOCA Coin is an omni-chain network token designed by the Moca Foundation to power the world's largest Web 3.0 cultural economy. The goal is to onboard key cultural pillars, including gaming, sports, and intellectual property, into the Web 3.0 era. Furthermore, $MOCA will enable holders to participate in the Moca DAO's governance and contribute to Web 3.0 cultural innovation. 

The Moca Foundation connects and unites on-chain cultural economies that foster a community-first, inclusive approach. Ecosystem members are organizations known for their integrity and focus on developing projects with collective benefits for community members.

Mocaverse and Aethir have a long-lasting, fundamental connection. Aethir's decentralized GPU cloud computing network relies on Checker nodes to provide enterprise clients with raw GPU power for AI and gaming. Mocaverse has supported Aethir throughout our journey, from our initial stages when Animoca Brands stepped in as an early investor in Aethir's DePIN vision to Aethir's recent Checker node sale. Now, Aethir is supporting Mocaverse's latest project to create a truly decentralized cultural economy with the $MOCA Coin.

- As part of Aethir's collaborative relationship with Mocaverse, 300 lucky Aethirians can secure a Guaranteed spot in the $MOCA Coin Public sale. 

But that isn't everything.

- Another 10,000 Aethirians can join the $MOCA Public sale's Waitlist for a chance to participate in the sale. 

Both groups of winners from our community will receive a code, one for Guaranteed and one for Waitlist spots. With these codes, Aethirians will have a chance to participate in the $MOCA Coin sale.

Make sure to fill out this form to apply for the $MOCA Public sale Guaranteed and Waitlist codes.

For all relevant information on Aethir's $MOCA Public sale campaign, follow our X account and Discord channel.

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