Looking Forward: Aethir's Post-TGE Journey
May 16, 2024

Looking Forward: Aethir's Post-TGE Journey


Aethir's token generation event is set to become one of the most anticipated token launches of 2024, and with good reason. Our upcoming ATH token isn't just another cryptocurrency among thousands of other tokens. ATH will be your gateway into the vibrant Aethir DePIN stack. 

Aethir is building the largest decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure in the world. We're on a mission to democratize access to top-quality GPU cloud computing worldwide and provide AI and gaming enterprises with flawless, highly scalable GPU resources.

Initially, centralized cloud services have been tremendously helpful in providing enterprises and individuals with cloud computing capabilities. However, as the need for efficient and scalable cloud services, with a focus on GPU computing expands, centralized service providers can't keep up with market demands. That's because centralized providers concentrate vast amounts of computing resources in just a few massive data centers, preventing them from efficiently servicing users at the network's edge. Aethir is solving this issue with decentralized cloud infrastructure, and the ATH utility token will be at the center of our DePIN stack.

As a true Web 3.0 DePIN pioneer, Aethir is dedicated to decentralization, which is why launching a crypto utility token is an absolute necessity for community access to our ecosystem. With the help of blockchain technology and decentralized crypto ownership, we are building the decentralized GPU cloud of tomorrow. 

But what after the TGE? That's the question everyone wants an answer to. Let's take a look at Aethir's post-TGE trajectory.

Launching the ATH Token

The ATH token launch is set to provide Aethir community members and all token holders with various valuable utilities. Of course, ATH will be tradeable on crypto exchanges as any other crypto token, but that's far from the only use case of ATH. We aim to decentralize ATH token ownership as much as possible to create a vibrant Web 3.0 community of Aethir ecosystem participants. That's why we decided to distribute a portion of the ATH utility token supply through our Aethir Cloud Drop campaign, which has been running since 26 April 2024. 

Aethir Cloud Drop is designed as a fair airdrop campaign, allowing our loyal Aethirians and various other dedicated Web 3.0 communities to secure an allocation of ATH tokens by completing quests and acquiring community badges to enlarge their airdrop allocations. The campaign also enables participants to earn referral bonus points by referring their friends and communities to maximize airdrop allocations. The Aethir Cloud Drop campaign already has over 500,000 participants, surpassing our community engagement expectations. 

Participants will be able to claim their ATH airdrop allocations at a later date after the end of Aethir Cloud Drop.

Aethir believes that community is the key to a flourishing Web 3.0 environment. That's why ATH will also serve as our governance token, granting voting rights to token holders in Aethir's ecosystem. Once our Mainnet goes live and we launch our ATH token, it will become a multifunctional, highly versatile crypto asset with transactional value, ecosystem utility, and governance features.

ATH: The Centerpiece of Aethir's Checker Node Network

Aethir's DePIN stack is powered by Checker Nodes, designed to constantly monitor the Aethir decentralized cloud infrastructure and ensure that all end-users of our GPU cloud resources receive top-quality service at all times. We've distributed over 74,000 Checker Node licenses through our Whitelist Sale and Public Sale in March. Over 20,000 community members got their hands on Aethir Checker Node license NFTs, which will be used to run Aethir Checker Nodes after our Mainnet launches. 

The Mainnet launch date is rapidly approaching, along with the TGE after the end of our Aethir Cloud Drop campaign. Aethir Checker Node license owners will earn 15% of the ATH utility token supply for running their nodes and contributing to the success and overall stability of the Aethir decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure. Checker Node operator rewards are a crucial incentive for our community of node license owners to stay committed to Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure vision after our TGE. 

However, Checker Node rewards are just one incentive for license owners. That's because Aethir is constantly striving to secure extra rewards and valuable bonuses for our community members. In the future, Aethir Checker Node license owners stand to earn various additional rewards in the form of partnership airdrops from other projects and communities. 

Powering Aethir Edge With ATH

We recently revealed Aethir Edge, our multifunctional edge computing device that allows anyone to become a service provider in Aethir's ecosystem. The device was developed in cooperation with Qualcomm and uses their cutting-edge Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 chipset. Through Aethir Edge, we are democratizing access to premium-quality, decentralized cloud infrastructure computing. The device allows operators to contribute their excess GPU capacity and bandwidth to the Aethir DePIN stack and participate in the network as service providers.

Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure can pool processing power from a multitude of Aethir Edge devices and channel it to our enterprise clients in the AI and gaming industries. Aethir Edge owners will earn a whopping 23% of the ATH token supply for their contribution to the Aethir ecosystem.

Through Aethir Edge and Aethir Checker Nodes, we are offering community members an opportunity to maximize their ATH token benefits while contributing to the world's largest decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure. Aethir is the only enterprise-grade AI-focused GPU-as-a-service provider in the market. Our early adopters who bought Aethir Checker Node licenses or decided to become service providers through Aethir Edge are just in time to join the Aethir DePIN stack and reap the benefits of the decentralized cloud revolution.

Expanding Our AI and Gaming Partnerships

One of Aethir's key strengths is our dedication to collaborating with industry leaders, rising forces, and innovators in the AI, machine learning, and gaming sectors. Our network of partners is over 100 strong and constantly expanding to include the most prominent organizations in Web 3.0. The logic behind Aethir's partnerships is to create a vast ecosystem of AI and gaming enterprises working toward the common goal of Web 3.0 innovation in their respective sectors. Aethir's GPU cloud computing network is the glue that holds this ecosystem since both AI and gaming are GPU-heavy industries. 

By joining forces with the right partners, Aethir is establishing relationships that will contribute to future DePIN innovations capable of transforming everyday lives worldwide. For ATH token holders, Checker Node operators, and Aethir Edge owners, our partnerships carry new, unprecedented growth opportunities in the form of collaborative airdrop campaigns, Aethir community bonuses, benefits, and added ATH token utilities on partner platforms. 

Although Aethir's partner network is already one of the most extensive in Web 3.0, we don't plan to stop. In fact, our ecosystem expansion is just ramping up, and Aethir's post-TGE ecosystem growth will be one of our key priorities.

Join the Aethir Cloud Drop Adventure

Aethir's TGE will usher in a new era in the growth of the Aethir DePIN stack, providing our community with unprecedented utility and earning opportunities through operating Checker Nodes, Aethir Edge devices, partner airdrop campaigns, and more. To unlock the potential of ATH and secure an advantageous position in Aethir's post-TGE journey, your best option is to join Aethir Cloud Drop now.

Our airdrop campaign is still running and offering a unique opportunity for loyal Aethirians and various other communities to secure a portion of the ATH token. Aethir Cloud Drop allows participants to increase their airdrop allocations based on the specific airdrop badges they are eligible for on the Aethir Cloud Drop platform. 

Head to our official Aethir Cloud Drop platform to learn more about the campaign and join the ATH token adventure as an early adopter ahead of our TGE.

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