Simplifying Cloud Gaming
June 21, 2023

Simplifying Cloud Gaming


Cloud gaming is revolutionising the traditional gaming industry, transforming how players access and experience games, and ushering in a new era of seamless, on-demand gaming.

Cloud gaming has eliminated the need for expensive hardware and physical media, making gaming accessible, affordable and easy. A global and rapidly growing sector, cloud gaming offers gamers a convergence of opportunities, enabled by the reduction of hardware barriers and a growing influx of video game IPOs. This innovative approach to the world of gaming unleashes tremendous potential for creativity, innovation, and enhanced gameplay.

Cloud gaming is changing the gaming space, and with mobile cloud gaming driving transaction activity, the influx of cloud gaming presents a golden opportunity for investors and gamers alike, to be at the forefront of technological disruption.

1. What is Cloud Gaming and What are The Benefits?

In recent years as cloud gaming has gained widespread recognition, we should start by defining what exactly cloud gaming is.

Cloud gaming is a technology that allows gamers to play video games on a remote server which then streams the game to a player’s device in real-time. This means that players can access games from almost any device without needing powerful hardware or a dedicated gaming console.

Rather than having to rely on a console or physical game disc, cloud gaming allows users to stream their favourite games to any device with a compatible display, much like streaming movies or TV shows on Netflix.

A viable and heavily relied upon alternative to traditional gaming, the cloud, democratises gaming as it eliminates the need for gamers to purchase dedicated hardware and specific physical media.

Let’s deep dive in to the benefits of cloud gaming in depth.

Accessibility across devices

Possibly the most significant benefit of cloud gaming is that gamers can play a game without the need for dedicated hardware devices, comprehensive system requirements or expensive consoles. Cloud gaming runs on remote servers, increasing both reach and visibility for gamers and giving traditional gamers greater access to the world of gaming. This democratises gaming and includes demographics in which gamers may not have the resources or means to invest in traditional gaming devices.

Convenience and quality graphics

As cloud gaming eliminates the need for physical game discs and local installations, it saves time, making the experience more convenient, streamlined and hassle-free. A cost effective solution, gamers can play their favourite titles at ease.

Powerful infrastructure such as Meta 1 Network’s software enables games to have high-quality graphics and smooth performance. When gamers are rendered and streamed to devices, the games on the cloud support real time graphics, and can adapt to changes in environment or gameplay in real time.

Cross-Platform Play

It’s made gaming more social and inclusive. There are greater possibilities for cross-platform gaming and interaction, giving gamers the ability to connect and play on any device despite their supported hardware.

Enhanced Security

As game data is not stored on a local machine, cloud gaming makes it harder to bypass the game client, interrupt or hack the system. It ensures privacy protection for user information, adhering to industry standards by minimising opportunities for hackers to exploit the system.

Cloud gaming provides excellent support, ensuring players do not lose their in-game progress in the event that their device breaks down. It eliminates the need to install games and manually update content, making gaming more seamless and user-friendly. This setup reduces the chances of piracy, as there is no physical gaming hardware involved, making unauthorised manipulation more difficult.

Cloud gaming offers a host of benefits that have made it a popular choice. As technology continues to advance and new platforms emerge, cloud gaming is likely to become a more attractive and accessible option for gamers.

2. Mobile Cloud Gaming vs. Traditional Cloud Gaming

Despite the rapidly closing gap in smartphone disparity on a global scale, there is still a pervasive gap in smartphone usage. An analysis by Tech Wire Asia analysing smartphone disparity across Southeast Asia in 2022 indicates that a ‘mid-range smartphone typically costs two or more times the average monthly salary in Vietnam and the Philippines.’

As the infrastructure of cloud gaming offsets the costs associated with high-end devices, it facilitates more gameplay on existing devices. Technology is no longer a barrier to digital experiences — opening up the playing field for game publishers and creating an environment whereby gamers can game at the best quality on their own devices.

3. Cloud Gaming in Web3

Cloud gaming in Web 3 is transforming the mainstream. Meta 1 Network’s infrastructure solution bridges the gap between how games are consumed.

M1’s software facilitates the creation of a world where a user’s hardware no longer limits their access to digital experiences. As a decentralised, real-time rendering network, M1 unlocks access to digital content for billions of users worldwide, irrespective of their personal hardware devices. By leveraging the power of decentralisation, mobile gamers have access to cloud computational resources at a significantly lower cost when compared to conventional centralised infrastructure. This democratisation of access opens up new opportunities for

mobile game publishers, digital engagement and game innovation across the globe.

M1 is transforming the way industries view the digital realm, fostering an environment where global markets can benefit from the latest in gaming and digital experiences.

4. What’s the Future?

Gaming research and analytics firm Newzoo, estimates that cloud gaming will hit more than 5 billion in revenue this year. The transformative power of cloud gaming facilitates a more secure, decentralised and autonomous world, bringing forth a monumental shift in the world of gaming.

Offering consumers a strong alternative to traditional mobile and console gaming could trigger a deep disruption in the industry. As the cloud gaming sector becomes increasingly scalable, it has the potential to be the go-to method of gaming for the masses. The future is decentralised, we’re just waiting for the transformation to kick in. #buildingbeyondhardware

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