Unlocking the Potential of Aethir and the ATH Token
April 29, 2024

Unlocking the Potential of Aethir and the ATH Token


The Aethir token launch date is approaching, with our Aethir Cloud Drop campaign leading the way. ATH is the core element of Aethir's ecosystem, acting as the utility token of Aethir's DePIN stack. 

Aethir is building the world's largest enterprise-grade distributed GPU cloud infrastructure to serve AI, machine learning, and gaming enterprises. We aim to provide GPU power-hungry companies with the necessary resources to support their growth and empower millions of users worldwide. The global GPU industry is rapidly increasing its device production rate, but sectors like AI are evolving much faster, and GPU production can't keep up. AI inference and the training of innovative large language models (LLMs) require a constantly increasing GPU power supply. Centralized GPU cloud computing can't keep up with the demand.

However, a decentralized cloud computing model can solve these issues by pooling GPU power from idle hardware devices to maximize GPU usage. Essentially, Aethir is tapping into the vast global supply of underutilized GPUs that are used far below their capacity. Millions of GPUs worldwide use under 30% of their capacity daily while the remaining power remains idle.

Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure uses a distributed GPU cloud computing model that allows Aethir to pool GPU power and channel it to clients who need it most. Anyone can participate in the Aethir network as a service provider or a Checker Node operator to help AI and gaming enterprises access the raw GPU power necessary for their daily operations.

The upcoming Aethir token is the life energy of Aethir's ecosystem. It will power our DePIN stack and provide users with a wide range of unique utilities and benefits.

Let's unlock the Aethir ecosystem and examine the core utilities of each aspect of Aethir's DePIN stack.

Aethir's Decentralized GPU Cloud Infrastructure

Decentralization is a core aspect of Web 3.0 innovation, which Aethir capitalizes on by operating a vast network of distributed cloud computing resources. Traditional cloud services focus on large-scale data centers with thousands of GPUs. These servers can efficiently power clients near their data centers, which are usually in regional capitals. 

Unfortunately, they aren't so efficient when end-users are located in distant locations. With the rapid increase of cloud computing users and the rising prominence of AI, more and more users are located outside regional capitals. These users often experience high network latency, which leads to poor user experience. It's pretty frustrating for a cloud gamer to experience lagging in the middle of a fast-paced FPS match. Likewise, imagine using an LLM to process valuable data for your project, and then suddenly, it starts lagging. 

A decentralized network approach can eliminate latency issues and remove scalability challenges by positioning hardware resources closer to the network’s edge, thus shortening the distance between end-users and computing resources. Aethir successfully does this thanks to our edge-computing architecture, which distributes GPU cloud resources across thousands of locations at the network's edge. By doing so, Aethir can assign enterprise-grade GPU resources to end-users as physically close as possible. Aethir cuts latency by matching users with the closest GPU Container in the network.

Our DePIN ecosystem can modify GPU power output in real time to optimize power flows according to our client's fluctuating needs. Aethir's GPU-as-a-service network can dynamically scale and adjust resource pooling to match the needs of the most demanding AI and gaming companies.

The Role of Checker Nodes in the Aethir DePIN Ecosystem

Checker Nodes play a vital role in ensuring the stability of Aethir's DePIN. We have recently distributed over 73,000 Checker Node licenses, worth over $100 million, to more than 20,000 community members. This was a significant milestone for the decentralization of the Aethir DePIN ecosystem. Instead of retaining centralized ownership over our GPU cloud computing network, we've stayed true to Web 3.0 decentralization.

As its name suggests, a Checker Node is responsible for checking the network to enforce our high-quality service standards across all hardware devices in Aethir's network. The Checker Node safeguards the quality of service established by Aethir and constantly runs network checks to eliminate the possibility of lower service quality. Checker Nodes are one of the three critical components in Aethir's DePIN. 

The other two are Indexers and Containers. Indexers are match-makers responsible for pairing clients with the physically closest GPU cloud computing resources in Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure. By pairing users with the closest GPU resources, Aethir's tech eliminates latency issues.

Finally, Containers are the GPU heavy-lifters responsible for providing enterprise-grade GPU cloud computing resources to end-users. The Aethir DePIN ecosystem successfully channels GPU power from multiple sources simultaneously to utilize idle GPU power. 

While Indexers and Containers form the GPU power connection of Aethir's network, Checker Nodes give the green light for the network's daily operations. Aethir Checker Node operators will earn 10% of the total $ATH token supply for their work once our Mainnet goes live. Furthermore, nodes that fulfill special requirements such as exceptional uptime and no early reward withdrawals stand to earn an extra 5% of the $ATH supply. 

Checker Node license owners can try out the Testnet versions of our Checker Owner Portal and our Checker Client GUI/CLI ahead of the Aethir Mainnet launch.

Aethir Edge 

We have recently introduced Aethir Edge, our groundbreaking edge computing hardware device, during Aethir DePIN Day at TOKEN2049 Dubai. With Aethir Edge, anyone can join our ecosystem as a computing power provider and contribute to the world's largest decentralized cloud infrastructure network. 

The device has a smooth, compact design, allowing users to provide their excess GPU power, bandwidth, and broadband to the Aethir network. Aethir Edge owners will be compensated with $ATH token rewards for their contribution. Aethir Edge operators will earn 23% of the total $ATH token supply. Essentially, Aethir Edge is a hardware device that enables users to mine $ATH tokens by joining the Aethir network as computing power Containers. Each Aethir Edge device is a Container in Aethir's network. 

While Aethir already has a vast network of enterprise GPU power providers, with over 40,000 top-shelf GPUs and 3000 state-of-the-art NVIDIA H100s, the Aethir Edge allows everyday users to join the Aethir network as service providers. Through Aethir Edge, we are democratizing access to Aethir's DePIN stack and lowering the entry barrier for service providers. 

The Aethir Edge's powerful hardware performance is enabled by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 chipset and its 12GB LPDDR5X + 256GB UFS 4.0 memory capacity.

Aethir Edge is now actively building partnerships with distributors worldwide, including crypto mining companies, hardware vendors, and distributors. Interested parties can fill out Aethir Edge's distributor application form so the team can explore win-win opportunities to distribute the product together and shape the community-powered landscape of tomorrow.

The ATH Token

The Aethir token (ATH) is the centerpiece of our DePIN ecosystem because it's the driving force behind all of our products. Checker Nodes and Containers will earn ATH rewards for their services. Through the Aethir DePIN stack, ATH will power the next generation of GPU cloud computing economy. 

Furthermore, community members will be able to participate in the decentralized governance model of the Aethir network by holding ATH tokens. Aethir is built for exponential growth, with a 10x mindset to empower the rapidly growing AI and gaming industries. Our ATH token is designed to be the economic unit of this thriving ecosystem. 

Over 20,000 community members bought Aethir Checker Node licenses and will receive ATH token rewards. That's 20,000 guaranteed ATH token holders just among Checker Node license owners, even before our token generation event. Additionally, the fully diluted value (FDV) of Aethir's Checker Node license sale is over $2.8 billion.

The high degree of Aethir's decentralization, paired with these astonishing figures, showcases the already tremendous level of popularity and community faith in our DePIN stack.

Next up is the launch of the ATH token.

Aethir Cloud Drop: Your Chance to Earn ATH Tokens

Before our token generation event, Aethir is conducting a massive airdrop campaign called Aethir Cloud Drop. The campaign is running from 25 April and our goal is to onboard 200,000 community members into the Aethir network and empower them as ATH token holders.

We at Aethir always think big, so we carefully selected the top Web 3.0 communities for our airdrop campaign. Furthermore, our core adopters who bought Checker Node licenses during our node sale will earn generous airdrop allocations for supporting us since the beginning. And, of course, we want to remember our Aethir OGs, who have been driving community hype on Discord. 

Anyone can join the Aethir Cloud Drop campaign and earn badges by fulfilling the necessary requirements and completing airdrop quests. Finally, the top 10 campaign participants will earn a massive bonus, so hurry up and join the Aethir Cloud Drop to secure your allocation of ATH tokens. Once the campaign is finished, the Aethir token launch date is soon to follow.

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