Aethir at TOKEN2049 Dubai: DePIN Recap
April 23, 2024

Aethir at TOKEN2049 Dubai: DePIN Recap


Last week's key global Web 3.0 event was TOKEN2049 Dubai. Aethir was present in full force to showcase DePIN innovation and engage in dynamic discussions with colleagues and industry leaders. Events like these are great opportunities to exchange opinions with partners, innovators, and other reputable projects looking to spearhead Web 3.0 innovation.

We at Aethir decided to host our own high-profile event during TOKEN2049 on 18 April, called Aethir DePIN Day. Decentralized physical infrastructure networks are the hottest narrative on the scene right now, and decentralized GPU cloud computing is a crucial segment of DePIN.

Through Aethir's DePIN Day, we wanted to gather a careful selection of top-tier organizations and companies to discuss how we see the role of DePIN in today's world. 

Aethir DePIN Day Kick-Off

Mark Rydon, our CCO, delivered a welcome keynote speech to jumpstart the conversation on all things DePIN. 

The first discussion panel followed, which focused on AI as a key industry in need of DePIN resources, namely GPU computing. Aethir's decentralized GPU cloud computing network is exactly the type of solution required by GPU power-hungry AI platforms and applications.

Nick Emmons (Allora AI), ​Jesse Eisses (Nosana), Jen (KIP), Janet Adams (SingularityNET), and Tomaz Levak (OriginTrail) joined the discussion. 

Introducing the Aethir Edge

After the AI panel, we announced Aethir Edge, our groundbreaking DePIN hardware device designed to enable everyone to join Aethir's network as a GPU computing power provider. The device was developed in cooperation with Qualcomm, whose state-of-the-art chipsets power Aethir Edge devices. The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 chip is the centerpiece of Aethir Edge's computing power. 

"AI is changing everything, and we have a lot of emerging applications like Aethir Edge. All of the AI things running on the cloud are not running in an economy-efficient way," said Andy Li, Qualcomm's Business Development Director. That's precisely where Aethir Edge comes into play: an innovative, decentralized edge computing device that will help usher in a new era of more efficient and scalable GPU cloud computing.

Aethir Edge is a sophisticated edge computing device that allows users to seamlessly provide excess GPU, bandwidth, and broadband to the Aethir network in exchange for $ATH token rewards. Once Aethir's Mainnet goes live in Q2 2024, Aethir Edge owners will stand to earn 23% of the upcoming $ATH token. Users can easily control their Aethir Edge device through a dedicated mobile app with a crypto wallet integration to quickly set them up and earn $ATH. 

Diving Into DePIN and GPU Efficiency

The next panel of the day was called The Impact of Depin on GPU Performance and Efficiency, which is a key topic debated in the DePIN sector. Aethir firmly believes that distributing GPU cloud networks and tapping into the vast global pool of underutilized GPUs can massively improve the efficiency of GPU usage. Only decentralized networks can accomplish this, and Aethir is dedicated to a vision of globally decentralized Web 3.0 GPU computing.

Francesco Andreoli (MetaMask) moderated the panel, joined by Garrison Yang (, Spillere (Hotspotty), Raullen (IOTEX), Michael O'Roake (POKT Network), and Aethir's CCO, Mark Rydon.

DePIN and Web 3.0 Cloud Gaming

Following a networking break after the panel, James Hursthouse, from our games and digital media BD department, kicked off our DePIN gaming panel as the moderator. This exciting panel saw participants from all across the Web 3.0 gaming scene, including Arslan Kiran (The Sandbox), Christina Macedo (Readygg), Seb (, and Aaron Polack (Aether).

We're all gamers here at Aethir, and we're dedicated to empowering the next generation of Web 3.0 cloud gaming with the best-in-class GPU power resources. The gaming industry is rapidly growing and evolving, with millions of players shifting to the cloud, but centralized cloud providers can find it difficult to keep up with GPU demand. That's where DePIN comes into play as a crucial solution for highly demanding Web 3.0 gaming. 

Discussing the State of Web 3.0 and AI

On 20 April, Aethir co-hosted an exciting DePIN event called "The New Frontier: Web3 and AI Convergence in Dubai." Aethir's CCO, Mark Rydon, joined Garrison Yang (, Stephany Zoo (Caladan), and Yu Hu (Kaito) to discuss the current state and future of AI development and the Web 3.0 industry. 

Aethir recognizes AI's tremendous growth potential and transformative power to enhance numerous industries and the everyday lives of people across the globe. However, AI relies heavily on GPU power, which is becoming increasingly scarce since the AI sector is growing so rapidly that GPU production can't keep up with it. Aethir's distributed GPU cloud computing architecture aims to empower the AI industry by utilizing idle, untapped GPU power and streamlining it to enterprises that need it the most. 

Web 3.0 Gaming Is Here to Stay 

Animoca Brands, one of Aethir's key partners, organized a Portfolio day on 21 April with participants from their vast network of partners. Aethir’s Mark Rydon also joined the event to share his insights on several topics, focusing on the state of AI in gaming and Web3. 

The Web 3.0 gaming industry is rapidly growing and evolving to challenge traditional gaming with a new level of interactivity and decentralization. With the help of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mechanics, and NFTs, Web 3.0 gaming is set to grow on an unprecedented scale in the coming years. 

To accommodate millions of new gamers, Web 3.0 gaming needs reliable and scalable GPU cloud computing. Fortunately, Aethir has the necessary DePIN GPU solution for the gaming industry.

Key Takeaways From TOKEN2049 Dubai

The state of the Web 3.0 industry has never been more dynamic. New sectors of decentralized innovation are popping up and gaining traction among investors and users. DePIN is at the forefront of Web 3.0 innovation, with the revolutionary concept of utilizing blockchain technology in real-life applications. Aethir's role in the DePIN sector is to lead the transition from centralized to decentralized cloud computing, capable of servicing the constantly growing AI and gaming industries. 

TOKEN2049 Dubai emphasized the importance of DePIN as a Web 3.0 sector, bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds. As such, its prominence is yet to show its full scale as a critical infrastructure enabler for emerging, GPU-demanding industries and applications.

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