Aethir and KIP Protocol Are Empowering AI Developers
May 3, 2024

Aethir and KIP Protocol Are Empowering AI Developers


Aethir's April journey was marked by significant milestones that contributed to the growth of our decentralized GPU cloud ecosystem. 

Let's have a look at Aethir's April 2024 recap for a quick review of all of our monthly accomplishments.

Historical Node Sale Results

We have completed our historical Checker Node Sale by reaching our goal of complete network decentralization and surpassing the threshold of 50,0000 distributed Checker Node licenses. Aethir distributed over 73,000 Checker Node licenses, worth over 41,000 ETH, to more than 20,000 community members. Consequently, we've created a massively decentralized network of Checker Node owners to ensure the safety, stability, and optimal service quality of Aethir's GPU cloud infrastructure. 

On 8 May, we will pause the Checker Node Sale since we've achieved our key goal of mass decentralization and community ownership. After our token generation event (TGE), the community will have a chance to decide when and whether Aethir will resume the Checker Node Sale or burn the remaining NFT licenses.

Aethir at Token2049 Dubai

Token2049 Dubai was the key global Web 3.0 event in April, and Aethir had a strong presence, representing the apex of the DePIN industry. Staying true to our mission to revolutionize DePIN with decentralized GPU cloud computing technology, we organized a high-profile all-day event during Token2049 Dubai called Aethir DePin Day

The event was divided into three panel discussions on AI, Web 3.0 gaming, and DePIN's role in driving GPU efficiency. Aethir's representatives were joined by key industry leaders, colleagues, and partners, including Nick Emmons (Allora AI), ​Jesse Eisses (Nosana), Jen (KIP), Janet Adams (SingularityNET), Tomaz Levak (OriginTrail), Francesco Andreoli (MetaMask), Garrison Yang (, Spillere (Hotspotty), Raullen (IOTEX), Michael O'Roake (POKT Network), Arslan Kiran (The Sandbox), Christina Macedo (Readygg), Seb (, and Aaron Polack (Aether). 

The event also featured the launch of Aethir Edge, our groundbreaking edge computing device, and a keynote by Aphone, our innovative blockchain mobile phone partner.

Furthermore, Aethir organized an exciting breakfast event in collaboration with, Caladan, and Kaito, called The New Frontier: Web3 and AI Convergence in Dubai.

Aethir Edge Launch

During Aethir DePIN Day, we had the pleasure of launching Aethir Edge, an innovative edge computing hardware device that allows anyone to become a service provider in the Aethir DePIN stack. The device is powered by the state-of-the-art Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 chip, which is the centerpiece of Aethir Edge's technical capabilities. 

Each Aethir Edge device is a Container in the Aethir network, enabling device owners to provide GPU computing capacity and bandwidth to Aethir's enterprise clients and receive ATH token rewards for their services. Aethir Edge operators will earn 23% of the ATH token supply by participating in the Aethir network as service providers.

Aethir Testnet Launch

Aethir Checker Nodes are operated through the Checker Owner Portal and the Checker Client GUI/CLI. On 20 April, we launched the Testnet versions of both products to enable Checker Node license NFT holders to get acquainted with the node operating mechanics ahead of our Mainnet launch and TGE. 

The Checker Owner Portal allows users to easily delegate or undelegate their NFT licenses, while the Checker Client GUI/CLI allows them to operate their nodes. The process is quite simple, and we've prepared a detailed guide for Checker Node license owners to try out both products during the Testnet phase of the Aethir network.

Aethir Cloud Drop

In anticipation of the Aethir token generation event, we launched Aethir Cloud Drop, the official Aethir airdrop campaign, on 26 April. The campaign is super easy to join through our dedicated airdrop platform. Through Aethir Cloud Drop, we aim to decentralize ownership over our upcoming ATH token by distributing a portion of the token supply among the Aethir community and other dedicated Web 3.0 communities. 

Aethir node license holders, Aethir OGs, Parallel Avatars, Wolves DAO, and AI Arena Mint Pass communities are eligible for special community badges on the Aethir Cloud Drop platform. Additionally, users can join the airdrop campaign by completing various quests on Galxe and Layer3 and by climbing the leaderboard through successful referrals.  Furthermore, we have many additional surprises in store for Aethir Cloud Drop participants, including additional communities that will join the campaign.

Partnerships With Industry Leaders and Web 3.0 Innovators

In April, we established comprehensive partnerships with various industry leaders and innovative Web 3.0 projects in the AI, gaming, and DePIN sectors. 

Aethir joined forces with Magic Eden, Astra Nova, Farcana, CARV, Saakuru Labs, Meta48, and eesee to support the rapidly evolving Web 3.0 gaming industry. Our partnerships with and Theta Edge Cloud enable us to deepen our contribution to providing enterprise-grade GPU services to businesses worldwide. 

Establishing partnerships with Luganodes, NodeOps, and easeflow empowers Aethir Checker Node License holders with an easy, streamlined node operating experience. 

Launching collaborative efforts with AI champions Nuklai, Aggregata, Heurist, Hemera, Y8U, and Hybrid will enable Aethir to streamline raw GPU computing power to thousands of AI apps and platforms.

To showcase support for modular blockchain innovators, we've partnered with Sophon and TrueZK.

April was packed with key milestones, major announcements, and partnerships. In May, we continue in the same spirit, with Web 3.0 decentralization and DePIN innovation on our minds.

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