Aethir Liquid Staking on Sophon Is Live: Stake stATH & Earn Sophon Points
July 9, 2024

Aethir Liquid Staking on Sophon Is Live: Stake stATH & Earn Sophon Points


- Liquid staking of stATH to earn Sophon rewards (SP Points)

- stATH staking, additional rewards on top of native ATH staking 

- Multiple benefits coming from Sophon to the Aethir community

Aethir recently announced the launch on Sophon's ZK chain, and now Aethir and Sophon are providing a way for the Aethir community to stake liquid ATH (stATH) on Sophon’s staking platform, and earn additional rewards on top of existing native Aethir staking benefits. 

Sophon is an innovative entertainment-focused ecosystem built as a modular rollup leveraging zkSync's technology. As a zkSync layer 2, Sophon is intended to be tailored for high-throughput applications such as artificial intelligence and gaming. Since Aethir's decentralized GPU cloud is focused on AI and gaming workloads, our two ecosystems are a perfect match for supporting massive-scale Web3 innovation.

Now, our collaboration is going a step further to show exactly how the Aethir community will benefit from this partnership. The answer is stATH, or liquid staked ATH. If you've claimed your ATH allocation through the Aethir Cloud Drop or acquired some ATH on one of the 15+ crypto exchanges that already listed ATH, you can maximize your rewards through Aethir’s own staking page and Sophon's staking platform.

Stake Your stAth with Sophon

From 9 July 2024, ATH holders who will stake their ATH on Aethir’s official staking platform can utilize their liquid staking stATH tokens on Sophon's platform to farm Sophon Points (SP). These points will be converted to SOPH tokens once the Sophon Mainnet goes live and they launch their SOPH token. 

This feature has been made possible thanks to our supercharged staking service. ATH stakers receive stATH tokens upon staking their ATH on our native staking platform. stATH is our liquid staking token, allowing ATH stakers to maximize their rewards by depositing stATH on our ecosystem partners' platforms. 

Sophon is our first partner to introduce the stATH utility, enabling users to deposit stATH and earn Sophon Points (SP). This way, the Aethir community can simultaneously earn ATH staking rewards on our staking platform and SP on Sophon's platform by depositing stATH.

How Does stATH Staking on Sophon Work?

stATH staking on Sophon staking page,, is quite simple, designed with a streamlined user-friendly experience in mind. Users are recommended to review Sophon’s staking platform documentation for full details. 

1. Go to Sophon's official staking platform and connect the crypto wallet where you have staked your ATH and have received stATH.

2. Select the Farm option, which will take you to the available staking pools. 

3. Choose the stATH staking pool.

4. Click Deposit and enter the number of tokens you wish to stake. Make your deposit and watch your SP points accumulate daily.

It's that simple to utilize your stATH and earn SP rewards in Sophon's upcoming SOPH token!

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