NodeOps Console to Support Aethir Checker Nodes
April 26, 2024

NodeOps Console to Support Aethir Checker Nodes


NodeOps has integrated support for Aethir’s Checker Nodes as an official Node-as-a-Service partner of Aethir. Our Checker Nodes will now be supported on the NodeOps console, conveniently allowing one-click node deployment!

What Do Aethir and Nodeops Bring to the Table?

Aethir is a cloud computing infrastructure platform that differentiates itself from its traditional, centralized counterparts with a distributed approach. Aethir ‘revolutionizes the ownership, distribution, and utilization paradigms of enterprise-grade graphical processing units (GPUs)’, by bringing in a scalable and competitive framework for sharing computational resources to enterprises and users across industries. 

Providers can bring their underused/unused GPU power to Aethir, allowing global GPU distribution at low costs due to the crowdsourced approach.  Plus, this democratizes access to advanced computational power by lowering barriers across geographies. What’s more, all the resources are owned by the community, removing a centralized point of control and one single point of failure. Overall, the decentralization factor harbors a diverse, well-connected, and inclusive digital ecosystem.   

The soon-to-be-launched Aethir token ($ATH) is central to the Aethir ecosystem and acts as a mode of payment for Checker Node operators and our GPU Containers. $ATH will also distribute governance rights to our community members and contribute to staking functionalities and security factors. 

On the other hand, NodeOps provides a simple infrastructure for one-click node deployment and makes development and operations easier than ever for node operators and developers across Web3 protocols. Our overall goal is to make the transition to Web3 smooth for users who need to run nodes. 

Aethir Checker Nodes

A Checker Node is a fundamental component in the Aethir Network’s backend infrastructure, along with two other elements named Containers and Indexers. All three are, of course, intricately linked.

The Container is where the use of the cloud happens, acting as a virtual endpoint and helping with application execution and rendering. On Aethir, the Container provides a ‘zero lag’ experience by transferring the workload onto itself from the local device.

Now, the Checker Node comes in, ensuring the integrity and performance of Containers. The Checkers verify container specifications as given by the Container Providers and thus uphold the QoS or Quality of Service of the Aethir network. 

The Indexers, or the final fundamental component of Aethir’s backend, match end users with the most suitable Containers. 

When the Checker Nodes verify the Containers, the parameters usually include Liveness, Capacity, and Quality of Service. The methods for checking may include Heartbeat collection, Benchmark testing, Link data collection and analysis, and more. After completing their verification, a Checker Node signs the results with its private key and sends them across to the Referee. 

The Referee will always receive 2N+1 results for each Container, and all the Nodes that deliver the same result as the majority are rewarded with ATH tokens. 

What Does the Aethir X Nodeops Partnership Mean for You?

When you navigate to the NodeOps Console and scroll through the ‘Deploy Node’ section pictured below, you’ll find Aethir, which is not live just yet. 

Deploy node on NodeOps

Once it is live in Q2 2024, you simply have to follow these steps:

  • Log in to NodeOps Console 
  • Select Aethir, and then Type of Node as Checker Node
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet
  • Subscribe by selecting the duration in months, and then pay
  • Once the payment is successful, you’ll be redirected to your NodeFolio 

More details on how to run shall be shared in the coming weeks once Aethir Checker Nodes are live.

The NodeOps and Aethir partnership will result in all the Checker Node License holders being able to run their nodes seamlessly through just one click- no further technical knowledge is necessary. We expect this maximized convenience to drive the adoption of decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure toward the developer ecosystem. 

NodeOps is the only node operator supporting almost all of the recent node infrastructures that raised more than 125 million via their Node Sales, including XAI, HyChain, Avail, Zora, and more—with over 17,000 nodes powered by us in the last quarter alone. The company provides active support for over 20 chains right now and offers single-stop node deployment solutions for node infrastructures and relevant communities.

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