Aethir and CARV: Powering Next-Gen Gaming and AI
April 16, 2024

Aethir and CARV: Powering Next-Gen Gaming and AI


Aethir is partnering with CARV, the largest modular data layer for gaming and AI. Together, we are powering the next generation of Web 3.0 gaming and AI platforms with enterprise-grade decentralized GPU cloud computing. 

CARV specializes in providing gaming and AI development with holistic, high-quality data reinforced with human feedback in a regulatory-compliant, trustless manner. With CARV's confidential computation layer, individuals can own, control, and share the value created from the usage of their data. CARV Protocol is a modular data layer with cross-chain connectivity, covering 40 blockchain networks. CARV Play, on the other hand, is the ecosystem’s AI-powered super app for gamer profiling, social, and game distribution, with over 2.5 million active users.

By partnering with CARV, Aethir will provide lightning-fast, lag-free processing power for CARV’s ecosystem. Consequently, Aethir will gain access to a vast pool of new users hungry for raw GPU power. AI and gaming are the two most GPU-intensive industries today, and CARV’s ecosystem has a constantly growing need for processing power. 

Centralized cloud services may struggle to support those needs. However, Aethir’s decentralized GPU cloud can pool GPU resources from a multitude of sources and take advantage of idle GPU power. This way, Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure is highly scalable because it actively adapts to fluctuating GPU demand. With Aethir, the CARV ecosystem has a reliable partner that can deliver GPU power to users across the globe without scalability issues or lagging.

Integrating Aethir’s Cloud Gaming Solution With CARV

Aethir’s cloud gaming technology will be embedded into CARV Play. This allows Aethir to reach CARV’s 2.5 million users, especially in regions with dominant low-to-mid range hardware devices, to stream and play games without downloading large files. 

CARV Play’s users will be able to easily discover and test games before deciding to download, reducing friction and user acquisition costs. Thanks to Aethir’s distributed network architecture, cloud gamers get GPU power from the physically closest available GPU Container. By cutting the distance between users and GPU resources, Aethir’s DePIN eliminates latency issues and provides gamers with a lag-free experience regardless of location.

Decentralizing CARV’s Infrastructure With Aethir’s GPU Cloud 

Aethir’s Checker Node network will help decentralize CARV’s protocol layer. Notably, Aethir’s GPUs include the trusted execution environment (TEE) capabilities CARV needs for privacy-preserving computation. 

Our distributed Checker Nodes are a natural fit to further decentralize CARV’s infrastructure while meeting its strict privacy standards. Aethir recently distributed 66,000 checker nodes to the community, contributing to network decentralization on a mass scale. These nodes ensure all network users get access to optimal quality of service when utilizing Aethir’s GPU cloud.

Aligned Ecosystem Incentives

Last month, we kicked off our first Checker Node sale, allowing anyone to purchase a node license and earn rewards by contributing to the safety and stability of Aethir’s network. The role of Checker Nodes is to make sure all GPU Containers in Aethir’s network are providing the best-in-class GPU power to our clients. 

For CARV’s ecosystem, this means that our Checker Nodes will be working around the clock to provide their users with the exceptional quality of GPU services they need.

Paving the Way for Web 3.0 Innovation With CARV

The collaboration between Aethir and CARV is about expanding the possibilities of growing Web 3.0-powered industries like AI, machine learning, and gaming. Innovative ecosystems like CARV have a constant influx of new users who are looking to protect, own, and monetize their data via a GPU-powered privacy-preserving protocol., while Aethir’s decentralized GPU cloud network is there to provide best-in-class GPU power. 

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