Aethir and easeflow: Simplifying Blockchain Engagement
April 20, 2024

Aethir and easeflow: Simplifying Blockchain Engagement


Aethir is partnering with easeflow, the leading node terminal, and blockchain engagement product developer to provide Aethir Checker Node license owners with a streamlined node deployment experience. With easeflow’s blockchain infrastructure, Aethir’s users gain access to a reputable, secure, and efficient Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider to jumpstart their Aethir Checker Node journey. 

Blockchain technology holds immense promise, but its complexity often acts as a barrier to widespread adoption. Recognizing this challenge, Aethir has forged a strategic partnership with easeflow to simplify blockchain engagement and enhance user experience and accessibility through its all-in-one node terminal. Aethir Checker Node owners can use easeflow as the go-to NaaS provider for setting up their nodes and earning Checker rewards.

A Shared Mission of Accessibility: One-Click Node Setup 

Aethir's mission is to democratize access to enterprise-grade GPU compute power. Aethir uses a vast network of globally distributed GPU resources, spearheaded by over 3000 state-of-the-art NVIDIA H100s, to provide enterprise-grade GPU computing power to AI, machine learning, and gaming companies. Checker Nodes are a vital element of Aethir’s DePIN stack. Their role is to constantly check the network’s services and ensure all GPU Containers provide optimal quality GPU power to end-users. Through last month’s massive Checker Node sale, Aethir successfully distributed over 69,000 Checker Node licenses to over 20,000 community members, thus achieving full network decentralization.

easeflow's expertise in providing a seamless, one-click node setup solution aligns perfectly with Aethir's vision. Together, they aim to empower users of all backgrounds to effortlessly participate in blockchain ecosystems through a smooth node deployment process that doesn’t require technical expertise on the user's side. With easeflow's platform, users can bid farewell to the daunting setup process and embrace convenience and reliability. Through a user-friendly node terminal, users can easily set up their nodes, monitor earnings, receive automated updates and alerts, and manage all their nodes from a unified dashboard.

Evolving Together to Revolutionize Blockchain Participation

This partnership not only enhances the user experience but also allows Aethir to concentrate on driving innovation, scalability, and community growth. With easeflow streamlining node management, Aethir can allocate more resources towards advancing its core mission. It's a symbiotic and evolving relationship that fosters a vibrant and inclusive blockchain community.

Together, Aethir and easeflow are revolutionizing blockchain participation, making it accessible and user-friendly for individuals and enterprises alike. Join us as we pave the way toward a future where blockchain technology is within reach for everyone. Unlock the full potential of blockchain with easeflow and Aethir today.

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