Aethir and Announce Strategic Collaboration
April 22, 2024

Aethir and Announce Strategic Collaboration


- and Aethir have announced a strategic collaboration to enhance GPU access and performance for AI, machine learning, and gaming applications.

- The partnership will integrate's virtualization technology with Aethir's enterprise-grade distributed GPU cloud, creating a powerful, low-latency, and cost-effective solution for GPU-intensive workloads.

- The collaboration between and Aethir aims to address the rapidly growing demand for GPU computing, with the market projected to quadruple in size by 2030.

Aethir and, two leaders in the computing infrastructure space, have announced a groundbreaking collaboration that will enhance the capabilities and reach of decentralized computing and GPU infrastructure. The collaboration between Aethir and aims to provide an efficient, sustainable, and highly scalable solution for the rapidly growing GPU computing demand worldwide.

Aethir’s distributed cloud infrastructure is built to provide enterprise clients from the AI, machine learning, and gaming industries with lightning-fast and highly scalable GPU cloud resources. 

Aethir is pioneering a fully enterprise-grade and highly distributed GPU cloud, leveraging a multitude of globally distributed servers to cut the physical distance between GPUs and end-users, improving performance and lowering costs for enterprises. Thanks to a constantly growing network of over 40,000 top-shelf GPUs, including 3,000 NVIDIA H100s, Aethir is able to provide enterprise-grade GPU computing wherever it’s needed, at scale.’s best-in-class virtualization, orchestration, and networking layers enable AI/ML engineers and other builders to instantly deploy Ray and Kubernetes clusters on top of a vast network of decentralized GPUs and CPUs. By expanding’s software layer also to include other partners, is building a “DePIN of DePINs” to provide maximum optionality, access, and cost efficiency to AI companies.

Making GPU Computing More Accessible, Affordable, and Efficient

Under the terms of the new alliance, both DePIN ecosystems will be integrated to provide customers with a flawless GPU computing experience across various workloads, including clustering and serverless inferencing. By combining Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure and enterprise-grade platform with Cloud’s self-serve, on-demand virtualization technology, clients will be able to tackle even the most GPU-intensive workloads successfully. 

Together, Aethir and’s networks can pool compute power from hundreds of thousands of decentralized sources simultaneously to streamline end-user experiences with negligible latency at scale.

Reciprocal integration means that’s clustering solution will be available on Aethir’s enterprise platform as well, allowing enterprises to have a wider variety of GPU-based compute options with ultimate flexibility. This alliance accelerates Aethir’s mission to onboard millions of new AI projects, applications, and cloud gamers through its enterprise-grade DePIN ecosystem. 

The collaboration marks a major milestone, as both entities are intent on broadening the on-demand computing power available to users and offering device owners the opportunity to earn rewards.

Aethir and’s Airdrop Swap 

The collaboration represents more than a technical integration, as both companies have pledged to cooperate on marketing and community endeavors to progress the overall ecosystem. Moreover, an airdrop swap will see Aethir airdrop $50M of $ATH tokens to community members, and will airdrop $50M of $IO to Aethir community members.

The token airdrop will be a key event in Q2 2024, showcasing Aethir’s dedication to the community and DePIN development. Aethir’s Airdrop is closely tied to the $ATH token generation event, which is vital for the full launch of Aethir’s ecosystem. This will allow Aethir Checker Node license holders to start earning $ATH token rewards. 

As a reminder, Aethir distributed the first batch of NFT Checker Node licenses. Also, we have launched our testnet Checker Owner Portal and Checker Client GUI/CLI so that Checker Node license owners can get acquainted with Aethir’s node operating mechanics before the launch of Aethir’s Mainnet in Q2 2024. During the next four years, node operators stand to earn 10% of the total $ATH token supply. Another 5% of $ATH is reserved for eligible nodes that fulfill special requirements such as exceptional uptime and no early $ATH token withdrawals.

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