Aethir Edge: Next Level DePIN Hardware
April 18, 2024

Aethir Edge: Next Level DePIN Hardware


The decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) sector is among the fastest-growing segments of the Web 3.0 industry, alongside AI and machine learning. DePIN is closely tied to AI programming because it can tackle GPU supply and demand, which is essential for AI computing. Aethir Edge is the centerpiece of Aethir's solution for using underutilized computing power to support the rapidly growing AI and gaming industries. 

After successfully distributing over 66,000 Checker Nodes, Aethir is moving to the next step of our ecosystem launch. Aethir Edge is the hardware component of the Aethir DePIN stack, and it is, in all aspects, a hardware device built to power the next generation of GPU cloud computing. Through Aethir Edge, we enable everyone to join Aethir's network as a service provider who wishes to contribute their underutilized broadband, IP addresses, bandwidth, or  GPU computing resources to our DePIN in exchange for 23% of $ATH token rewards.

Aethir Edge is Aethir's decentralized solution for pooling GPU power from various idle sources. It's a device that can channel GPU power through Aethir's network directly to end-users through a stable internet connection. With the aid of cutting-edge hardware tech powered by Qualcomm processors, Aethir is revolutionizing the AI and cloud gaming industries by tapping into millions of underutilized GPUs worldwide. By contributing their idle GPU power through Aethir Edge, users can play a crucial role in Web 3.0 cloud computing decentralization. 

Through Aethir Edge, we are democratizing access to the Aethir ecosystem and inviting anyone who wants to contribute to DePIN's future as a GPU cloud computing provider or as a provider of broadband and bandwidth. Our hardware devices are built for resource pooling to empower the global Web 3.0 decentralized economy.

Bringing GPU Cloud Computing to the Edge

Centralized cloud services use huge data centers to house thousands of GPUs in massive server clusters. These data centers are in regional centers, from where the cloud computing power is distributed to clients. With the expansion of AI and cloud gaming, millions of new users require uninterrupted GPU power on an everyday basis. 

Centralized clouds may be able to support high-quality services in the vicinity of their data centers. However, with a growing user base further from the center of the network, these services can struggle to deliver optimal performance. 

Aethir Edge is a visionary hardware cloud computing device that anticipates the rapid expansion of enterprises and user bases that need cloud computing. We aim to distribute Aethir Edge devices worldwide to reach the network's edge so that users who are far away from centralized server hubs can also enjoy flawless GPU cloud computing. By distributing our edge computing devices, Aethir plans to create thousands of cloud computing edge nodes that can facilitate raw, unused GPU power from idle GPUs to our clients. 

With a compact, elegant design, the Aethir Edge is a practical device that can easily fit into a user's environment. There's no massive device casing, loud working noise, or colossal power consumption. 

Our flagship hardware device is an edge computing supplement for individuals and enterprises to help them quickly join Aethir's ecosystem as GPU computing providers. By lowering the entry barrier for Aethir's distributed GPU cloud, we are effectively contributing to onboarding much-needed idle GPU resources. Each Aethir Edge device is a cloud computing server in Aethir’s network. While our partners provide thousands of state-of-the-art GPUs for Aethir’s network, Aethir Edge devices democratize access to Aethir’s ecosystem and allow anyone to become a service provider with their underutilized computing capacity.

Enterprise-Grade Computing Power

To effectively tap into the vast global pool of unused GPU resources, Aethir Edge boasts enterprise-grade computing power. The device has state-of-the-art tech, including a Qualcomm® Snapdragon 865 chip and 12GB of LPDDR5 memory to process data-intensive workloads at the edge. Aethir Edge has a 256GB UFS 3.1 storage capacity to provide high-speed data access, as well as a 1000M GE LAN network port and WIFI6 2T2R + BT5.2 connectivity. 

Users can connect their Aethir Edge to the web either through a wireless connection or through a cable connection. Once connected, the Aethir Edge is managed through a dedicated mobile app, allowing users to optimize their device’s performance and set it on a specific task such as GPU computing. 

Aethir Edge has the hardware specifications to independently handle the streamlining of GPU power required for advanced AI, machine learning, and large-scale cloud gaming. Thanks to its computing capacity, Aethir Edge acts as a gateway between users looking to join Aethir's ecosystem as GPU power contributors and our DePIN architecture. Anyone can join the next generation of Web 3.0 GPU cloud computing through an Aethir Edge device. 

Together with Aethir's Checker Nodes, Aethir Edge is another essential component of our revolutionary decentralized cloud infrastructure. By installing Aethir Edge devices, users are empowering Aethir's GPU network to satisfy the AI and gaming industry's growing thirst for GPU power.

Instead of paying often expensive fees for centralized cloud services, Aethir allows enterprises to save money by utilizing our decentralized network that leverages Aethir Edge's computing capacity to streamline GPU power. 

Flexibility is a crucial characteristic of our edge computing hardware because it modifies the amount of used GPU power according to the device owner's current consumption. This means that Aethir Edge owners can effectively use their computers while the Edge device puts their idle GPU power to good use through Aethir's network. 

Aethir Edge Is Leaving Latency in the Past

High latency is a nightmare for cloud computing. With the growing user base of cloud gaming platforms and the vast GPU-on-demand computing requirements of machine learning and generative AI platforms, high latency is becoming a severe issue in cloud computing. Aethir Edge is making latency a thing of the past thanks to its enterprise-grade edge computing capacity.

While traditional clouds depend on distant centralized data servers for processing, Aethir Edge directly processes data at the network's edge. Our devices have more than sufficient capacity to process the required data on-site and pool resources from the edge network, meaning that Aethir Edge is much faster than a centralized cloud service. Essentially, Aethir Edge can process more data faster than a standard centralized cloud, eliminating latency issues altogether.

The distribution of Aethir Edge devices across a vast geographical area lets Aethir's GPU cloud effectively cover broader regions than traditional clouds. Each user always receives GPU computing power from the closest source in Aethir's network, while Aethir Edge devices ensure the efficient distribution of idle GPU resources.

Instead of users needing to move closer to the cloud network's center to get lag-free processing power, Aethir Edge expands the network's edge closer to users. Millions of users in remote regions stand to benefit from the computing power of Aethir Edge devices. 

Effective cloud computing shouldn't be an exclusive privilege of metropolitan areas, and finally, with Aethir Edge, anyone can reap the benefits of DePIN GPU computing.

Passive Income Through Collaborative Computing

Aethir Edge brings unprecedented passive income opportunities to device owners. Not only does operating an Aethir Edge device contribute to the overall stability and performance of the Aethir decentralized cloud infrastructure, but it also carries tremendous financial benefits for owners. 

Operating an Aethir Edge device will earn users 23% of the total $ATH token supply. The upcoming $ATH token will launch in Q2 2024, allowing Aethir Edge owners to earn passive income while building the future of cloud computing. 

Users don't need to commit 100% of their broadband, bandwidth, or GPU power to Aethir Edge. In fact, Aethir Edge handles the computing load optimization according to the user's current usage. This mechanism lets Aethir Edge owners casually use their computers. For example, our edge computing device modifies the percentage of a user's GPU power available in Aethir's network based on current consumption. Effectively, Aethir Edge only utilizes a user's idle GPU power.

By running an Aethir Edge device, users can take advantage of their idle GPU capacity to earn passive income while working on their computers, watching content, or playing games. They also stand to earn maximized rewards while their GPUs are idle because, during those periods, Aethir Edge can utilize 100% of their GPU capacity. Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure enables Aethir Edge to pool GPU power from multiple sources, thus creating a decentralized, collaborative GPU pooling structure. 

The Aethir Edge mobile app helps users easily set up their edge computing device with a dedicated crypto wallet service included in the app. Setting up the crypto wallet is a key step for earning $ATH token rewards. The whole user experience is designed to easily onboard new users into the Aethir Ecosystem by offering them a streamlined Aethir Edge setup process, which they can entirely handle on their smartphones.

Aethir Edge's Role in Our Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure

Aethir's DePIN has a 3-layer architecture, of which Aethir Edge is a crucial element. Aethir Edge is part of the foundational Edge Layer of the Aethir ecosystem. This layer is responsible for sourcing GPU power from Aethir's network of contributors, with the help of Aethir Edge, to facilitate the connection between power sources and users.

Next up is the Network Layer, which is responsible for coordinating Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure. Our 100,000 Checker Nodes are the key element of the Network Layer. The Checker Nodes ensure Aethir's GPU Containers always provide optimal quality of service. 

While Aethir Edge operators are set to earn 23% of the $ATH token supply, Checker Nodes will earn 10% of the token supply, with an additional 5% reserved for bonus rewards.

Finally, the Application Layer is used for Aethir's enterprise clients to connect their end-users to our GPU-as-a-service platform and streamline best-in-class GPU cloud computing. Aethir Edge can help power all types of AI and gaming platforms, including innovative solutions like APhone, the first decentralized cloud smartphone.

Shaping the Future of DePIN

The Aethir Edge, combined with the rest of Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure, is transforming how enterprises in the AI, machine learning, and gaming industries utilize GPU power. By accessing the vast global deposits of unused GPU power, Aethir opens the door to a much more efficient Web 3.0 iteration of cloud computing. 

Aethir Edge is at the forefront of DePIN evolution and community ownership, allowing device owners to earn passive income while empowering GPU-demanding enterprises.

Aethir Edge is now actively building partnerships with distributors worldwide, including crypto mining companies, hardware vendors, and distributors. Interested parties can fill out Aethir Edge's distributor application form so the team can explore win-win opportunities to distribute the product together and shape the community-powered landscape of tomorrow.

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