Aethir Will Power Astra Nova's Web 3.0 RPG
April 19, 2024

Aethir Will Power Astra Nova's Web 3.0 RPG


- Asta Nova is the first Saudi Arabian Web 3.0 RPG

- Aethir will be the exclusive GPU-as-a-service provider for Astra Nova

Aethir's unique decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure, designed for advanced, GPU-intensive Web 3.0 cloud gaming, is a perfect fit for Astra Nova's needs. This is why Aethir is excited to partner with Astra Nova, supporting the creation and launch of the first Saudi Arabian Web 3.0 RPG. 

Astra Nova is using the state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 5 to bring cutting-edge graphics to life on user devices worldwide, with a particular focus on the Middle Eastern and North African gaming communities. Aethir's DePIN GPU cloud ecosystem is more than capable of supporting Astra Nova's ambitious gaming project with the raw GPU power needed to facilitate low-latency premium cloud gaming experiences.

By the end of April, Astra Nova will launch a playable demo to give gamers a glimpse of the Web 3.0 gaming experience they are preparing for full launch in 2025. The demo will be available on Steam and Epic Games Store. Furthermore, PS5 and Xbox players will also be able to access it.

Astra Nova's RPG is not just another game, it's an immersive AAA title that pushes the boundaries of blockchain-based gaming. Players will be transported to a vast, interactive world, rich in epic fantasy. The game will feature third-person combat, character upgrades, and breathtaking visuals, all crafted to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Astra Nova will introduce players to five distinct worlds, each with its own unique characteristics, offering a rich, open-world environment for heroic journeys and adventures. 

Astra Nova's game features the $RVV utility token, which will launch in Q2 and Q3 2024. The token will play a critical role in the Astra Nova ecosystem.

Besides their game, Astra Nova is also launching a SocialFi platform called Black Pass. Astra Nova players will be able to earn points on Black Pass along with $RVV rewards after the token's launch. Also, Astra Nova's Deviants NFT collection will provide NFT holders with added utility on Black Pass. The platform will be divided into multiple seasons, engaging users with a wide variety of gamified experiences in the Astra Nova ecosystem.

Aethir's decentralized GPU cloud, which relies on edge computing servers, will power Astra Nova's game as the exclusive GPU cloud partner. Our network of top-shelf GPUs, including over 3000 NVIDIA H100s, is a GPU powerhouse system that can efficiently power modern cloud games with millions of active users. Through its collaboration with Aethir, Astra Nova is securing access to future-proof, scalable, decentralized GPU cloud computing power.

Instead of focusing processing power in a few centralized data centers, Aethir distributes GPU resources across a multitude of edge servers. Our network of decentralized Checker nodes ensures users receive optimal-quality GPU power, and that's exactly what every Astra Nova player will have with Aethir.

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