Amazon vs Microsoft, New AI Keyboard & More
January 5, 2024

Amazon vs Microsoft, New AI Keyboard & More


Happy 2024! 

Excited to be bringing you news for the first week of the year.


Lenovo Expands Hybrid Cloud Offerings for AI Workloads

Lenovo has launched new ThinkAgile hybrid cloud solutions and ThinkSystem server platforms to accelerate AI capabilities. The expanded portfolio aims to advance cloud deployment, hybrid connectivity, and AI performance through next-gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors.

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Milestone Quantum Computing Experiments Achieved

Google and Quantinuum have conducted landmark quantum computing experiments, though perspectives differ on the implications. It underscores the remaining challenges in making quantum computers practical.

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Amazon Lobbies Against Microsoft Cloud Dominance

Per Bloomberg analysis, Amazon funds multiple advocacy groups opposing Microsoft's government cloud computing ambitions. While the groups have many members, Amazon appears instrumental in efforts boosting its cloud business.

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China's Cloud Services Market Sees $9.2 Billion Surge

China's cloud infrastructure services spending has rapidly increased to $9.2 billion in 2022, with continued growth expected. The rise reflects expanding adoption of cloud services in China.

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Teenager Achieves Near-Impossible Feat in Tetris

US teenager Willis Gibson recently "beat" the classic 1989 Nintendo game Tetris, accomplishing a feat long deemed practically impossible. His achievement reveals wider lessons about expanding human capabilities in the digital age.

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Samsung Showcases New OLED Gaming Monitors

At CES 2024, Samsung has unveiled new Odyssey OLED monitors targeted at gamers. The new lineup aims to offer more immersive and personalized gaming through upgrades like Quantum Dot technology.

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China Considers Easing Recent Gaming Restrictions

After planned gaming rules caused Chinese tech giants to lose billions in market value, China is revising the proposed restrictions. A draft document outlining bans on gaming incentives triggered major stock selloffs.

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Microsoft Adds Dedicated AI Keyboard Key for Windows

Microsoft is introducing a new Copilot key to activate its AI assistant on Windows devices. Located next to the spacebar, it marks the first keyboard layout change since 1994.

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Intel Spins Out Enterprise AI Software Company

Intel has spun out an enterprise-focused generative AI software firm called Articul8 AI. Backed by DigitalBridge, it stems from an Intel proof-of-concept focused on specialized, secure enterprise applications.

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Microsoft Copilot Now on iOS and Android

Microsoft has launched iOS and Android versions of its Copilot chatbot. The app provides mobile access to Copilot, powered by GPT-4, as Microsoft pursues a standalone model like ChatGPT.

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Major Web3 Event Set for 2024 Paris Blockchain Week

Paris Blockchain Week 2024 will bring together leaders in finance, technology, and Web3. The major event spotlights France's growing blockchain and crypto industry.

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PancakeSwap Proposes Reduction to CAKE Token Supply

Decentralized finance platform PancakeSwap plans to decrease its CAKE token supply by 40% in a bid to grow market share. The proposal requires community approval and would take effect January 4th, lowering total supply from 750 million to 450 million tokens.

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SEC Still Reviewing Spot Bitcoin ETF Filings

The SEC continues to process several spot bitcoin ETF applications. Approval could significantly impact bitcoin adoption and prices but the timeline remains unclear.

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And that wraps up this week’s DCI news. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to keep our finger on the pulse of all things gaming, cloud, AI and Web3!

Until next week!

Team Aethir

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