Ethereum's Data Fee Reduction, and More
March 19, 2024

Ethereum's Data Fee Reduction, and More


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Cloud Computing

DBO Systems Disrupts Cloud Databases with Edge Database OS

DBO Systems has unveiled its Edge Database OS, a revolutionary approach that forgoes the traditional database-on-OS architecture. By bundling the database engine, resource management, and administration tools into a single solution, DBO Systems promises unparalleled speed and efficiency for cloud-based databases. 

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MongoDB Atlas Expands to Six New Cloud Regions 

MongoDB has extended the availability of its fully-managed MongoDB Atlas database service to six additional cloud regions, including AWS regions in Bahrain and Mexico. This expansion aims to provide customers with improved data residency options and lower latency access to their distributed data. 

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Oracle Cloud Investments Surpass $63 Billion Milestone

Oracle has announced that its cumulative investments in cloud infrastructure have exceeded $63 billion, with plans to continue building new data centers and expanding existing facilities to meet growing customer demand for cloud services. 

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MultiVersus Rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5 for Major Relaunch

Player First Games has completely rebuilt its free-to-play platform fighter MultiVersus in Unreal Engine 5, promising a relaunch in May with improved netcode, new characters, and a PvE mode. The game's development team aims to deliver a smoother and more engaging experience for players. Read More

Google Play Store to Feature AI-Powered FAQs and YouTube Videos for Games

Google is introducing AI-generated FAQs and relevant YouTube videos to game listings on the Google Play Store. This move aims to provide users with more contextual information and enhance the overall app browsing and discovery experience. 

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Fans Petition to Save Canceled Marvel's Spider-Man Game

Following the cancellation of the multiplayer game "Marvel's Spider-Man: The Great Web," fans have launched a petition urging Sony and Insomniac Games to reconsider their decision and revive the project, which aimed to bring the Spider-Verse to life in a cooperative online experience. 

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AI Lawyer Helps Mother Overturn Parking Ticket

In a landmark case, an AI lawyer developed by DoNotPay successfully helped a mother overturn a parking ticket in a physical courtroom. This achievement showcases the potential of AI systems to assist individuals in legal matters and navigate complex bureaucratic processes. 

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Google DeepMind Trains AI to Be a Cooperative Gaming Companion

Researchers at Google DeepMind have developed an AI system capable of playing video games cooperatively alongside human players. The AI is trained to understand and adapt to the playstyle of its human partner, paving the way for more seamless and engaging cooperative gaming experiences. 

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OpenAI Announces New Board Lineup and Governance Structure

OpenAI, the company behind the viral language model ChatGPT, has unveiled a new board of directors and governance structure. This move aims to ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies while upholding ethical principles and transparency. 

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Ethereum Activates Dencun Upgrade to Reduce Data Fees

The Ethereum network has successfully activated the Dencun upgrade, a significant milestone in its efforts to reduce data fees and improve scalability. This update introduces new compression techniques that are expected to substantially lower the costs associated with storing and retrieving data on the blockchain. 

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Coinbase Announces $1 Billion Convertible Debt Offering

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has unveiled plans to raise $1 billion through a convertible debt offering. The funds will be used to support the company's growth initiatives and strengthen its position in the rapidly evolving crypto market. 

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Bitcoin Eyes $74,000 as BTC ETFs See Record $1 Billion Inflows

Bitcoin's price is poised to reach $74,000 as Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have experienced a record $1 billion in net inflows. This surge in institutional investment highlights the growing mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and the optimism surrounding the digital asset market. Read More

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