Google Revises AI Images and More
March 4, 2024

Google Revises AI Images and More


Hello! We’re back again this week with the latest developments across cloud, gaming, AI, and crypto.

Cloud Computing

Companies Focus on Reducing Cloud Waste, Maximizing Discounts Amid Rising AI Spend

Enterprises are prioritizing efforts to minimize unused cloud resources while taking advantage of commitment-based hyperscaler pricing as AI costs swell. The report found that while only 31% say AI/ML impacts budgets now, 15% expect a surge soon.

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Vonage and AWS Join Forces to Accelerate Communications Solutions

The collaboration will leverage Vonage's communications APIs, Ericsson's 5G capabilities, and AWS services to empower innovation around the network. Features include fraud detection capabilities enhanced by AWS AI services.

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Most Firms Still Struggle with Full Cloud Visibility and Vulnerable Code

A Cloud Security Alliance report reveals ongoing difficulties with cloud visibility, code vulnerabilities, and recurrence of addressed issues. Causes likely include limited resources and complexity.

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Former PlayStation Leader Shawn Layden Becomes Advisor for NFT Gaming Startup

Shawn Layden, who held high-level roles at Sony PlayStation for over 30 years, has joined blockchain infrastructure firm READYgg as an advisor. READYgg also announced a $4 million funding round.

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Ethereum-Based Card Game Parallel Enters Open Beta

The NFT trading card game Parallel, named GG's 2023 Game of the Year, will open its beta test to the public ahead of a new in-game season. The competitive PC game builds on classics like Hearthstone.

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Studio Unveils New Gaming Blockchain Network on Arbitrum

Proof of Play, maker of the blockchain RPG Pirate Nation, revealed a high-speed network of Arbitrum chains purpose-built for fully on-chain games and dapps to simplify infrastructure.

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Tim Cook Confirms Apple Will Share AI Details Later This Year

Apple's CEO remained vague but said the company is excited to discuss its ongoing artificial intelligence work further down the line, potentially including generative AI capabilities.

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Google to Relaunch Controversial AI Image Generator in Coming Weeks

After pausing its AI image tool Gemini due to inaccuracies, Google plans to relaunch the product soon with enhanced oversight from DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis.

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Microsoft Quadrupling $2.1B Investment in AI, Cloud Computing in Spain

Microsoft plans a massive boost in spending to expand European data centers and AI solutions access for businesses and governments, with the potential for major economic impact.

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Morgan Stanley Considering Offering Spot Bitcoin ETFs to Customers

The financial services firm is evaluating whether to provide access to spot bitcoin ETFs through its large brokerage platform, which could bring more investment.

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Letters Detail Attempts to Recover Funds in Wake of FTX Collapse

Newly released letters related to Sam Bankman-Fried's case provide insights into efforts to regain assets for FTX customers in the days following its failure.

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Coinbase Restores Platform After Traffic Surge Caused Zero-Balance Glitch

A rush of traffic amid bitcoin hitting $64K led Coinbase to display $0 balances temporarily. The exchange has stabilized and is improving auto-scaling to handle spikes.

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And that wraps up this week’s DCI news. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to keep

our finger on the pulse of all things gaming, cloud, AI and Web3!

Until next week!

Team Aethir

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