Lag-Free XR Streaming: Aethir and Meta48 Team Up
April 5, 2024

Lag-Free XR Streaming: Aethir and Meta48 Team Up


Efficient and scalable GPU cloud computing services are a must-have for large-scale data processing in the gaming and AI industries. To meet the market's growing demand, cloud computing is shifting to a decentralized infrastructure model, and that’s precisely where Aethir is a global innovator in the DePIN sector.

Aethir continues its mission to provide enterprise-grade GPU cloud computing services to Web 3.0 clients worldwide. Now, we are teaming up with Meta48, an extended reality (XR) giant making waves in Web 3.0 with its immersive metaverse environment. Aethir has become the exclusive GPU cloud computing service provider for Meta48’s mixed reality products.

The combination of Aethir’s DePIN GPU cloud infrastructure and Meta48’s ambitious metaverse is a true Web 3.0 powerhouse. Meta48’s core product is an extensive virtual world that combines different elements of XR, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). 

Meta48 has successfully completed its industry-leading product implementation in collaboration with Well-LinkTech, a leader in real-time cloud-rendering technology. Leveraging the core capabilities of Well-Link Tech's real-time rendering technology, users are brought an entirely new virtual communication experience. Users are offered an immersive experience where they can create virtual avatars and interact with each other in real time using XR technologies. Also, users can engage in various social activities in a highly interactive virtual world without physical limitations. Furthermore, they can customize their avatars and immerse themselves in a virtual environment with endless possibilities.

Such an immersive experience requires high volumes of reliable, lag-free processing power. Well-Link Tech's streaming technology will provide significant momentum for the cooperation between Aethir and Meta48. By partnering, Aethir and Meta48 have agreed to utilize Aethir’s enterprise-grade GPU cloud infrastructure to power Meta48’s XR platform.

Aethir uses a vast network of distributed GPU cloud servers to provide enterprises in the AI, machine learning, and gaming industries with a steady stream of top-quality GPU power. Instead of centralized servers, Aethir uses decentralized cloud infrastructure to bring GPU cloud computing closer to end users, eliminating latency issues. Aethir’s decentralized physical infrastructure network can handle high volumes of data processing, making it ideal for decentralized cloud gaming and XR platforms.

Thanks to Aethir’s massive edge computing network, Meta48’s users will have a seamless user experience regardless of their physical location. With decentralized edge computing, Aethir is eliminating scalability and latency issues.

Aethir’s strategic partnership with Meta48 is a continuous testament to our dedication to the expanding XR sector. As a reminder, Aethir recently partnered with Well-Link Tech, a leader in real-time cloud-rendering technology, focusing on mixed reality metaverse and gaming development. The two companies have agreed to form a joint R&D team to improve GPU rendering services, specifically in the metaverse and MR sectors.

The strategic cooperation between Aethir and Meta48 is another step toward decentralizing cloud infrastructure and providing best-in-class distributed GPU cloud services in the AI and gaming industries. With Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure, Meta48’s users can rest assured that they’ll always enjoy a lag-free mixed reality experience.

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