AI Push by Samsung and more...
January 22, 2024

AI Push by Samsung and more...


Hello! We're back again this week with the latest on AI, cloud computing, gaming, and more in tech.


Google Cloud Cuts Egress Fees to Enable Cloud Migration

Google Cloud has removed egress fees to allow customers to more easily move data and workloads between Google Cloud and other clouds or on-prem infrastructure. Customers can now terminate deployments and migrate without incurring transfer fees.

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Capgemini Launches "Trusted Cloud" Service in France

Capgemini has partnered with Orange and Microsoft to launch Bleu, a new cloud service built for French organizations with high privacy needs. Bleu has received cybersecurity qualifications from French authorities and will begin commercial operations in 2024.

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Delinea Acquires Authomize to Enhance Cloud Security

By integrating Authomize's tech for detecting identity threats, Delinea can expand its SaaS solutions for privileged access management to better safeguard cloud access and prevent attacks.

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Handheld Sega Genesis Console Unveiled

Hardware company Hyperkin has revealed the upcoming Mega 95, a portable Genesis console that allows gamers to play classic 16-bit Sega games on the go. It aims to tap into nostalgia for the 1990s system.

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Apex Legends and Final Fantasy VII Crossover Now Live

The crossover event bringing FFVII elements into Apex Legends is now live with reduced pack costs, making it more affordable for fans to collect themed cosmetics and items. This comes after the team responded to initial fan criticisms about the pricing.

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Rumor Suggests Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date Leaked

A press release from GameShark may have accidentally leaked the release date for the Nintendo Switch 2 successor. The announcement of GameShark's new AI product also referenced details about "Switch 2" that point to a potential launch soon.

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OpenAI Launches GPT Store for Custom Bots

OpenAI has introduced a GPT Store where developers can share custom AI apps powered by models like GPT-4 and DALL-E. The store provides ChatGPT users access to specialized chatbots tailored for specific use cases in areas like education, coding, research and more. Read More

Mastercard Unveils Gen AI Tool to Limit Risk and Bias for SMBs

Mastercard developed an AI-powered chatbot providing guidance to small businesses on topics like business plans, available grants, employee culture, marketing and more. The bot aims to limit bias by training on diverse content.

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Samsung Bets on AI to Challenge Apple

Samsung has unveiled new Galaxy S24 phones capable of running AI features natively, thanks to a faster Qualcomm chip and Samsung’s own software. The on-device AI could give Samsung an edge over rival Apple, which has taken a cautious approach to new advances like AI.

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Cointelegraph: Why Bitcoin Belongs in Institutional Portfolios

Cointelegraph has published a new report making the case for adding Bitcoin to traditional institutional investment portfolios. It analyzes Bitcoin's historical returns, portfolio diversification benefits, strategic significance, and the regulatory landscape around crypto investing.

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Warner Bros Supports Ready-Player One Metaverse

A new startup called Readyverse Studios, backed by the IP rights of novel Ready Player One, aims to launch a metaverse experience related to the popular book and movie. The project has support from Warner Bros and leaders in the VR space.

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Magic Leap Execs: Metaverse Must Align with Real-World Use Cases

Magic Leap, the mixed reality startup valued at $3.9 billion, believes the metaverse needs to focus more on practical real-world applications rather than disconnected virtual worlds. Executives said most customers want solutions for training, design, or repair - not just abstract metaverse concepts.

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And that wraps up this week’s DCI news. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to keep our finger on the pulse of all things gaming, cloud, AI and Web3! 

Until next week! 

Team Aethir.

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